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How is life in the country? Like in alabama or indiana?

Im from the city wondering how country life wouldbe like. Does anyone from the country have an opinion.

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    Heaven! quiet, peaceful, solitude, green verdant fields and rolling hills. Abundant wildlife, great hunting, fishing and nature! Strangers drive by and wave at you, not the one finger wave you get in the city.

    You seldom hear a car horn and people are much more friendly! Neighbors help neighbors and except for an occasional meth lab, crime tends to be pretty low.

    As for what to do, I would much rather walk along a stream and enjoy the outdoors than sit in a busy coffee shop listening to people gripe.

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    I live in AL. so here's my take on things.

    It would probably be a culture shock for you at first. Alabama has one of the largest varieties of vegetation along with cotton crops which means you get plenty of allergies here. It's really bad when they are spraying the cotton. But it's really pretty when the cotton flowers then changes into cotton. Once it's harvested it looks trashy, as there's a lot of it that falls to the side of the road.

    The upsides of rural life are it's slower paced, you get to know your neighbors, people are generally friendlier, you'd probably get a kick out of the accents, there's plenty of nature, and just about every mile there's a church of your choice. To me, family life is better in a rural setting.

    The down side is there's not much to do, stores tend to close up a lot sooner, you'll have a longer commute if you have a job in the city, people move at their own pace here(generally slow), and if you're into the club scene you'll probably be disappointed.

    Oh I almost forgot! You'll get very familiar with Wal-Mart! You'll see your neighbors there a lot.

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    It is boring, and slow. Watch the corn grow!

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