How do you deal with the stress/fear that comes with job interviews?

I always end up getting so anxious about them - not my performance but going somewhere new, not knowing where to go, who the people are etc is what gets to me and it causes me a lot of stress that I really dont need any more of - any tips?

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    I actually have a really hard time in social situations but surprisingly do very well in interviews. I don't always get the job but my interviews on average last longer then the allotted time.

    Here is why:

    1. I can prepare what I want to say before hand. I imagine the interview and play it over in my mind a few times before going. If you've been to a few you know most of the questions.

    2. I always research the position and company beforehand. Tons of information online.

    3. I get excited imagining myself impressing them and getting the job.

    4. I always arrive as early as possible.

    5. I treat myself before hand. A nice latte or other treat. Nothing too expensive but a reward for the effort so far.

    6. Remember the good parts of the other interviews you've done. Getting the job. Getting compliments at the interview etc.

    Hope this answer helps.

    Take care,


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    5 years ago

    Tell them "My alacrity can be mistaken by a manager for a lack of understanding of the problem at hand or overconfidence on my part. I am just naturally enthusiastic and positive and I have not yet come across a problem that was impossible to solve with the assistance of other team members. That's why I am very comfortable in any work environment for which I am qualified." Good competent interviewers do not ask "What is your weakness?" anymore. That's from the 90's and it tells the interviewer nothing. Everyone has a weakness of some kind including the most successful business people in the world. If you come across an interviewer who asks this question then you have an amateur on your hands. These are the things the interviewer needs to find out from you or about you: 1. Can you actually DO the job? This means all aspects of the job. 2. Can you get on with other people [team player etc]? 3. Are you trustworthy, honest, and reliable [will you actually turn up for work each day, be trusted with company property etc]? 4. Can you take instructions from a superior / manager? Everything else is irrelevant. Give examples without being asked and be prepared to give these examples (it's ok to have some notes). A skilled candidate will lead the interview in the direction they want it to go. This is an delicate art and a talented interviewer will notice this.

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    I look at a new job as a new adventure. Nobody knows you so you get a clean slate and you get to shape what people think of you. The worst thing they can say at a job interview is that you didn't get the job. It's not so bad, it's not the end of the world so just go in with a positive attitude and the mentality that you will get the job. In the days leading up to the interview, just try not to think about it. Worrying really won't help the situation, it will just make you more nervous. Just prepare yourself and be ready to answer questions and keep busy with other things. If you're doing something else, you can't worry about the interview. Just try to stay relaxed and stay positive, good luck.

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    Do a practice run if you can...Drive to the job interview location, scope out your route. As for who the people are, that's a tough one, but come prepared with the name of your contact person, and just tell the receptionist that you have an appointment with "Mr./Ms. Jones".

    Practice on a friend, go over your qualifications.

    Be prepared for curveball questions, like how you deal with problems or problematic people, (if appropriate) whether you work well within a team, Have you ever made a recommendation to improve a situation at work.

    Good luck to you. You will be fine.

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    Make sure you have everything ready the day before: Clothes ironed, shoes polished, portfolio ready, resume ready with no wrinkles and references available. Get a good nights sleep, meditate an hour before bed. Also, be sure you know where you are going for your interview and allow enough time for travel so that you are approximately 10 minutes early, this will give you time to relax before your interview. During the interview concentrate on talking slower, you'll look and feel calmer this way. Take time to answer questions, don't rush. If you don't have an answer let your interviewer know that at this point you can't answer his or her question. If you really want this job, make sure you ask for it..."Thank you for your time and interview, I think this is an excellent fit for both of us and I would really like to be offered this position." Good luck!

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    First learn about the job you are seeking .

    Then learn everything about the company you plan to work for. thirdly practising with a friend or family member, answering come generic questions that are asked at job interviews.

    Next be prepared to ans were when asked what are your strenghts and what are your weak points. Honesty helps. Don't say I have no weakness..we all do .

    Finally prepare to ask the interviewer questions. .....about the job environment etc.

    Dress sharp , this adds to your confidence and look the interviewer eyeball to eyeball.

    Hold a pen or file in your hands to keep them from fidgeting.

    Hope this few pointers help.

    Good luck

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    my answer to how to handle fears when going to interviews would be to just realize within yourself that the very worst thing that could happen is that they don't like you and it would only put you back to square one. I mean you walked in without a job, and if they don't like you, you will leave without that job... so you are no worse off than before you went in. Basically, just be yourself and realize that not every one will like you and that is all that you can do. I wrote an article on phobias and fears when starting a home business, if you want to check it out here is the link: --

    Good Luck and try not to worry so much, it will all be fine...


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