Are women degrading themselves?

Over the past few days I've noticed a lot of women wearing shirts/sweaters with ''FCUK'' or ''FITCH'' or ''Stop looking at them''. I've seen some with sweat pants that said stuff like ''@$$'' (yes written like that) or ''SWEET", ''You Wish'' on the back of their pants (on their butts). Mostly they were young (13-22 a few older some younger but mostly between 13-22).

Do you think this ''new'' generation of women will eventually STOP wearing clothes like that once they get older (is there any hope for the 20+?) or do you think it will be the new trend for the years to come? Is this degrading women? What do you think of a 13 year old wearing this kind of clothes? A 22 year old?


How come you have a new account every 2 days Baba Yaga?

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How AM I degrading myself??!!?! Colonel Volgin has inherited the Philosophers' Legacy which is $1 billion all from the US, Russia and China! He's rich! And those aren't veins, they're burn marks. He did them on himself. Pretty cool actually. He can do lightning (and electromagnetic fields) with his hands because he has a special exoskeleton and a special suit (that's pretty cool). On top of that he's massive and is like 6'4''. You're telling me I'm degrading myself? Oh you're right. I'm God and that guy's only a mortal.

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What about them Barking Lunchbox? Are you saying only black people have the right to have their pants falling off? Only black brain-damaged people say 'word'?

This sounds very racist and stereotypical.

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Anonymous female poster with cat's ears right after Robinson: this is Women's Studies section THEREFOR you're supposed to ask questions about women and their issues, etc...I could care less what women wear (or don't wear :) but I was just asking the question to see what everyone thought and I havn't seen any degrading men's clothing.

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I meant to say $100 billion. $1 billion isn't much. That homeless guy down the street has more money than that!

Oh and Robinson you didn't pick this mistake up ;) So what if he's bisexual? I suppose you know a cooler BAD guy Mr. I-know-everything ;D (Liked you and allegra's comment on my avatar though)

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Is there a law that states you can't play M rated video games when you're 24, allegra? No I didn't think so!

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    Well, I don't think 13-22 year olds are women, they are GIRLS...oh yes, legally they become "women" at age 18, but in terms of maturity, many are not grown up yet. So, I don't agree that they are degrading themselves, they are simply ignorant.

    And I think it is sad that the parents of the younger girls don't educate them about what it means to wear those messages on their clothing. I know I would never permit my daughters to wear something like that, but then again, my daughters would not *want* to.

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    The slogans and other stuff written on t-shirts is a hotly debated topic hardly limited to the sexually suggestive ones that some GIRLS are wearing. The way you described the age of the GIRLS answers your question...this is a rebellious self defining stage of trying on the trendy stuff (sometimes crap) promoted by people who sell stuff. Boys do it too. Jeans and t-shirts have been around for a long time. They are practically the unisex American uniform. Ads and so forth on t-shirts aren't necessarily degrading but are suggestive of other things going on in life that are. The girls are probably not participating in activities their clothing suggests to you. Most people are just wearing what others are wearing, not really thinking of sending you a message or anything. As they become more self aware and find their place in the world, they gradually replace inappropriate symbols that don't represent them with ones that do. Unless they are just wearing old clothes and the writing is meaningless to them.

    I don't really see this as being a woman's issue except when it comes to the implications of YOU seeing it as a woman's issue. If you are noticing this in women and not in men, and you are finding the trendy clothing of young females suggestive and degrading, it implies you are seeing women as a separate group of people whose clothing must be different....controlled, removed of all modern culture and trends and sexual suggestion. Do you feel the same way about men's clothing or do you see thier choice of clothing as individual?

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    First of all, FCUK stands for French Connection: UK. Both males and females wear this statement. It is a brand name.

    You are right about the rest of them though.

    Their intention, however, I feel, is not to degrade themselves.

    It is for their self-esteem.

    By wearing clothes which reference their bodies as say hot in front of other people, it can help them with their self confidence about their body.

    It is primarily a young people thing. It is of poor taste and is quite crude. I would believe that most people would stop wearing such clothes as they get a bit older.

    I think 13 is a bit young to be wearing these clothes, but then again, it's primarily about their hormones, so perhaps that would be the youngest acceptable age group.

    I think 22 is a bit old for wearing this. The clothing is for girls, not women. Of course, she's old enough to make her own choice. I would, however, view her as immature.

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    First off, I was wondering what your avatar was, although I knew it looked familiar.

    A good choice of an avatar, I guess... (the guy is bisexual, though)

    (He got rocked in the end, of course... Big Boss style)

    Anyways, I have noticed the same shirts. I have noticed something else, as well... the girls that are wearing those shirts/shorts don't take generally take AP or Honors classes!

    Isn't that amazing? Education is a wacky thing. For some reason or another, it tends to increase understanding and self-respect - both of which the youth are going to need in increasing amounts as our world changes.

    I'm surprised that some of the feminists actually endorse the wholesale degradation of females, though. It's a little sad.

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    I have seen those kinds of messages on the seat of pants or across the front of a shirt. I think they are decidedly degrading.

    To put a stop to it, though, somebody needs to talk to the parents of the 7 year olds wearing the same thing.

    When parents don't pay attention to their kids' clothing, entertainment, and behavior, anything can and does happen to those kids.

    Good luck

    Great Question!

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    this is a sexist question. What about the white suburban male jagoffs running through the mall with their Ipods and talking and behaving like inner-city black gangstas? Pants falling off of bunched up purple boxers, moving their hands around like somebody with permanent nerve damage and saying "word' every other word.

    Seems the whole generation is hopeless. Male and female.

    Guess we'll need another war to clean up the mess. Maybe the military will let them wear baggy-*** khakis with neon butt messages.

  • Anonymous
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    Well the rich and the famous love that kind of stuff (mainstream rap of course) so it's becoming "trendy" and these brainless women follow these trends because the best looking ones will get the rich husbands and not have to do anything in their lives. Do I think there is hope for the women in the future? No, not really, but oh well.

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