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Will my Chihuahua die?

My baby Chihuahua (10 weeks old) got diarrhea because my deedeedee brothers over fed her. My question is that what should I do because the appointment with the Vet isn't until two days. My mom says that dogs with diarrhea die really fast. Is that true, will she die?

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    At our humane society clinic we see this all the time. no she will not die.

    what we do is give her water. It will flush out the bad stuff . Just put out her food for an hour 3 times a day so she won't eat alot, her stomach wil settle down, also watch her stool. I don't want to scare you but if her poop is a little runny take a sample to the vets, they can make sure she is alright. If they gave her human food tha can upset her balance and give her dog food only.

    I have a greyhound and I have to watch what she eats. if she gts something wrong she gets the same -- it is common so don't worry about it.

    I just don't give her food for 7 hours so their tummies can settle down.

    what your mom said --it's only true if the dog has been sick for a very long time !! So till you take her too the vets just control her feeding .. absolutely no human food .. and I'm sure she'll be alright.

    Over eating upset her system. Her tummy will be upset so soother her by rubbing it soft and give her lotsa love and tlk to her gently. She needs some comfort. If she gets nervous at all just put 2 fingers on her earsand 2 in back and massage them . That is a soothing calm down massage for animals. Makes them feel comforted.

    and don't listen to any posts that say she will die etc. she won't.

    don't forget a poop sample to the vet to make sure she is alright, i'm sure she is. we see this all the time at our clinic and the dogs are always fine a few days later when I call to see how they are.

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    Give her a little Pepto Bismol, if she is really tiny, less than

    a teaspoon. Pepto Bismol works well for dogs, vets recommend it, so its safe. The big problem is dehydration.

    Try to get a little water down her throat, if you have a dropper,

    give her a little at a time to keep her hydrated. If she looks

    really bad and this isn't helping, get her to an emergency vet

    right away. You can lose her really fast, so keep a close eye

    and don't wait for your regular appointment, because she

    is a tiny dog, when things go bad, they go bad really fast.

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    dogs dont get diarrhea from being over fed. they get it from bacterial problems, from disease or other problems, or from WHAT food they are fed, not how much.

    i suspect your brothers have been feeding her human food. if that is the case, they need to stop immediately. Human food can kill dogs and make them develop all types of problems such as diabetes. She is a dog and needs dog food to be her healthiest - no table scraps.

    as for dogs dying from diarrhea - yes, they can. particularly puppies. this is because they dehydrate very fast - the diarrhea strips the body of water and nutrients.

    if it is bad (quite runny), you need to take her to an emergency vet or hospital TODAY - do not wait until monday.

    make sure she has a constant supply of water.


    Source(s): im a vet
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    most likely she will not die before you get her to the vet, but make sure to keep her comofrtable before you get there. give her plenty of water. that is what you can do, and diarrhea is not that bad. she won't die in two days unless it has been going on for a while.

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    Try to keep the dog hydrated with some pedialyte. Feed it about a dropper full every 15 minutes or so and see how that works.

    That means throughout the night as well

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    A small dog especially it being a pup will dehydrate quickly so I would get the dog to a vet immediately, telling them it is an emergency and the dog needs to be seen.

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    She is dehydrated. Take her to an emergency vet immediately. 10 weeks old is too young for waiting on a two day visit.

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    just make sure your dog is getting plenty of fluids and i mean plenty if she is not drinking get her to an emergency vet hospital. the only thing that will harm her is dehydration but there can be something serious causing the diarhea goodluck

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    Make sure that she gets plenty of access to fresh clean water. You don't want her to get dehydrated.. Odds are as long as your brother doesn't feed her anymore.. That she'll be fine by tomorrow.

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