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Hi,can i use spybot search and destroy by its self? Or i should use an antivirus too?

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    Spybot will only get rid of spyware, like cookies, but would generally be a poor choice for virus protection. I run a Spybot check after I've deleted my cookies manually to see if my browser missed something. To get virus protection, I would recommend downloading and installing AVG Free, found at the link below.

    AVG is free virus protection tool that will detect trojans/worms and other nasty things that Spybot wouldn't be able to find. You can set it up to do a full scan of your computer every week, if you wish, or you can launch it manually. Hope this helps.

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    Spybot is a great program but even it doesn't catch everything, so I would recommend downloading the free program Lavasoft Ad-aware SE Personal at this link:

    Also for the anti-virus protection I would also recommend AVG, it also is a free program that you can find here:

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    The first cleans up, the second stops it from happening. If you want to continue to cleanup and not run the protection.

    I recommend using both. You will have more free time to enjoy your computer without having to stop to clean it up.

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    You should have a combination of both since they are considered two different infections.

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