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how many women did JFK sleep with?

i believe one source estimated 1,000 but does anyone have better estimates? haha what a playa

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    1,000 is nothing. Belgian writer Georges Simenon was known as "the man of 10,000 women," a self-confessed sex addict who "needed" to have sex three times a day.

    "Georges Simenon : Early life and education" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Simenon#Early...

    "According to the US Senate Church Committee, Kennedy had an affair with Judith Campbell Exner, who was simultaneously having an affair with Sam Giancana, the boss of the Chicago Mafia, while Giancana was conspiring with the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro.[citation needed] Kennedy also dated actress Gene Tierney, who was separated from her then husband fashion designer Oleg Cassini in 1946. In her book Self-portrait Ms. Tierney recalls how over an informal brunch Jack just stated that he could never marry her because of her pending divorce, if he was to be the first elected Catholic President (moreover, she was also a Protestant). Subsequently, Tierney folded her napkin and left the cafe. Mr. Cassini was hired as the exclusive designer for the First Lady after the election. The President and Cassini quickly became friends. Later, the most sensational books about the Kennedys would claim that both Jack and Bobby were involved with Marilyn Monroe, and some have even speculated that Monroe was killed because she threatened to create a scandal.[citation needed]"

    "John F. Kennedy : Criticism" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy#Criti...

    "During Kennedy's years in the House of Representatives, he won national publicity as "Washington's Gay Young Bachelor"; but when he began to entertain higher ambitions, it seemed time to put an end to all that."

    "When Kennedy was elected President, one of his top aides privately predicted, "This Administration is going to do for sex what the last one did for golf." Naturally, there was constant gossip concerning the handsome young President's extramarital adventures. The most persistent rumors centered on movie stars Marilyn Monroe and Angie Dickinson-Ms. Dickinson was a friend of the Kennedy family. Though it is certainly true that Kennedy maintained his eye for beautiful women, the stories of passionate love affairs are outlandish and unsubstantiated. The evidence suggests that he always considered women a pleasant diversion, but that in his later years he hardly had time for them. Moreover, he was much too careful a politician to risk exposure with a public that was already suspicious."

    His days as "Washington's Gay Young Bachelor," however, were another matter. Kennedy dated a dazzling succession of debutantes and Hollywood starlets, and no one claims that his interests were exclusively platonic. During his Senate campaign in '52, his Republican opponents got hold of a snapshot showing the young congressman reclining on a Florida beach beside a nude and spectacularly buxom girl. His worried aides brought the photo to Kennedy's attention and the candidate studied it for a moment with obvious interest. Finally, he smiled in recollection: "Yes, I remember her. She was great." "

    "President John F. Kennedy: Personal Life, Marriage and Affairs", David Wallechinsky & Irving Wallace, 1975 - 1981 : http://www.trivia-library.com/a/president-john-f-k...

    "Tape Two (Hour One)"

    "Private Lives"

    "Segment 4 (begins at: 11 minutes, 18 seconds)"

    "Length: approximately 5 minutes"

    "Starting image: Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday" "

    "Press does not report rumors of JFK's affairs; J. Edgar Hoover threatens to expose JFK's affair with Judith Campbell; JFK cuts ties with Sinatra and other friends linked to organized crime"

    "John F. Kennedy, 35th President", American Experience, PBS : http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/presidents/35_kennedy...

    "NEW YORK (CNN) -- A woman on Thursday said she had an affair with John F. Kennedy, an admission that comes after a new biography alleges a liaison between JFK and a White House intern."

    "In a statement handed to media outside her East Side apartment, Mimi Fahnestock said, "From June 1962 to November 1963, I was involved in a sexual relationship with President Kennedy."

    " "For the last 41 years, it is a subject that I have not discussed. In view of the recent media coverage, I have now discussed the relationship with my children and my family, and they are completely supportive."

    "There have been numerous reports about Kennedy's sexual dalliances while in the White House. But Dallek's biography is the first to describe an affair involving a White House intern."

    "Woman says she had affair with JFK", CNN, May 16, 2003 : http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/05/15/jfk.inte...

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    Jfk Women

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    As many as he could, the most famous of all being Marilyn Munroe. If you study the history of the Kennedys, you will find out that they were not saints, even though Cardinal Cushing led people to believe they were. The father Joe was a crook, a hoodlum who simply ran illegal businesses. We all know the true story of good old Teddy, and Robert was himself a philanderer. The Kennedy family has kept the Camelot, Kennedy myth alive and well for years now. After Ted is gone, there will be no one of the front line left to be sure revisionist history is kept alive. The Kennedys have been a blight on American history fed by the myths they themselves created.


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    JFK is at area 51 with madonna and hitler and elvis

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    How would anyone ever know? Anyone can brag or deny and unless they all saved a dress like Monica Lewinski, there's no way to know one way or the other.

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    John F Kennedy Sex

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    All I know is the current pres is fugging me now.

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    I only know I'm not one of them. Should I feel insulted?:-)

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    Does it really matter?

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    not me

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