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hows my team?

C Brian McCan

1b Shawn Green

2b Ty Wigginton

3b Miguel Cabrera

SS Jose Reyes

IF Alex Gonzalez on cincinatti

OF David DeJesus

OF Carlos Lee

OF Carl Crawford

Util Jimmy Rollins

Util JJ Hardy

Util Jermaine Dye

BN Frank Thomas

BN Vernon Wells

Sp Jake Peavy

Sp Chris Capuano

Sp C.C. Sabathia

Rp Todd Jones

Rp Huston Street

P Brain Fuentes

P Aaron Harang

P Tim Wakefield

P Jamie Moyer

BN Daniel Cabrera

BN Cole Hamels

DL BJ Ryan

i aquired d cabrea, chris capuano, jj hardy, David DeJesus, Alex Gonzalez and Shawn Green from free agents. moyer, sabathia, hamels, wakefield, lee, wells and rollins all aquiered throught trades. im in frist right now but do i have a chance at the whole thing this year ? hows my team?


itss a 12 team league, alot of hte best players i have ever played agianst. i htink hoenstly i have a really good team but is it good enough?

Update 2:

i didnt do any sneay trades. i traded matsuzaka, adam laroche, richie sexson, lance berkman, freddy sanchez and roy halladay for my team. i also consitanly bundled hot free agent hitters to get trades done too

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    You have a good team for sure. The first thing I would do is put wells in the OF instead of David DeJesus. You have 3 great starting pitchers and are good in the saves category with 3 closers. You might want to try to get a different first baseman because I am not sure that Green stays this hot for the whole season.

    I think you did a pretty good job trading for all those players and still ending up with a good team. We will have to wait and see if your team is good enough to finsish in 1st place. I think you have a chance though.

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    Well, from the looks of your roster, it looks like you were the only team in the league. Apart from A-Rod you have the top players in the league. I'm sure you were able to slide some sneaky trades in to get this stacked lineup. You will win first place for 100%

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    I don't like Carlos Lee. You should try to get Barry Bonds. Even though he uses steroids he's on a HR streak.

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    that is probally the best team ive ever seen that was in a 12 team league

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    id give it an 8.5 outta 10 ..AWESOME pitching!!! and very good (not awesome) hitting!!

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