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What does the idiom "Going off your rockers" mean?

What does that mean? I need help, please tell me the meaning. First best answer i get gets "Best Answer Award" =D Thanks guys!

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    So far some of the answers are close to being correct The true meaning comes from 1929. A elderly gentleman was told he had lost all his money in the stock market. He went mad, lost his mind, fell off his "rocker" literally. He was never the same after the hearing the news.

    So being off your rocker, means losing ones mind.

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    OFF ONE’S TROLLEY: This expression alludes to the once-common spectacle of a motormen’s attempts to realign the contact wheel of a trolley car with the overhead wire. Since this contact wheel is also called a ‘trolley,’ 'off one’s trolley' may refer either to the conductor’s actions or to the fact that when the wires are “off the trolley,” the vehicle no longer receives an electric current and is, therefore, rendered inoperative.

    A similar expression is SLIP ONE’S TROLLEY ‘to become demented.’ In the more widely used variation OFF ONE’S ROCKER, ‘rocker’ is most often said to refer to the curved piece of wood on which a cradle or chair rocks. But since both ‘off one’s trolley’ and ‘off one’s rocker’ became popular about the same time streetcars were installed in major American cities, and since ROCKER, like TROLLEY, also means the wheel or runner that makes contact with an overhead electricity supply, it is more likely that the ROCKER of the expression carries this later meaning.

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    It means that you are currently going through something right now that is driving you crazy or out of your mind. Or someone else is.

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    Idiom -

    Off your rocker:


    Someone who is off their rocker is crazy.

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    It means you are going crazy or are crazy.

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    You're going crazy, insane, or in any way weird.

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    it means you're going crazy

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    It means i am going insane.

    It means I am loosing my mind.

    It means Im loosing it!

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    ur goin crazy nutso whacked out....etc

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