Parts pf Speech poem.?


The Spider,

Small yet creative

Designs And Weaves



I can't use this though, becuase my teacher wrote it! I want the poem to be about a Race-car # 97

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the quick brown fox



    the lazy dogs.

    - as a sentence, it has all 26 letters of the alphabet

    - as poem it has no less than seven parts of speech.

    - your race car can replace dog or fox and you are done

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have you heard of Race Car # 97?

    It's a vehicle straight from Heaven!

    It zooms to the left, it zooms to the right

    Watch out for my car - it's shiny and bright.

    I roll down the window, and watch it disappear

    I roll it up again, and make it reappear!

    Dive quickly into its trunk and you will find some candy

    Hurrah! Isn't my car just dandy?

    Here are the Parts of Speech with select examples:

    Nouns: Race Car, candy, heaven

    Adjectives: Shiny, bright, dandy

    Pronoun: It

    Verbs: Zooming, roll, dive

    Adverb: Quickly

    Preposition: Into

    Conjunction: And

    Interjection: Hurrah!

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