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HELP! I am in the 6th grade and need a new invention for a commerical project at school! I would like it to be

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    I still like my idea for the Wipey Diapey: When I change my granddaughter's disposable diaper I also have to get the disposable wipes. So-o. Make a prototype of a disposable diaper with a sealed pocket on the back that contains the wipe --maybe two wipes lol. You take the wipe out of the new diaper for use on the old one This way you can wipe and dipe in one swipe,see. Oh wait, put two pockets. Put a small plastic trash bag in the second one. They say nothing is really new but I would really use the new version.

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    A little device that you can fit icecream cones into, you press a button and it twirls the cone, that way you don't actually have to do any work by licking it, the machine does it for you. Hehe it would be really cute to draw out.

    Or if you had to make it:

    Have a cardboard box, cut out the top and fold it up, cover it all in tinfoil and you can bake cookies in it on a hot day (that might have made no sence but the first one is better anywhoo)

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    A Christmas Tree stand on a swivel so people can put ornaments on the back and sides just by turning the tree.

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    A GPS unit in pet collars so they can't get lost.

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    like.... a chair that should play music supply you drinks and nutrients aflying mattress a gadget that could tranzlate canine and cat barks and meows in to english so we are able to comprehend it idk stuff like that

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