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Niagara region an surrounding area?

we are immigrating to canada next year and researching different areas that are good for families. what do you think about the niagra and sourrounding areas? if you dont rate the areas , what areas would you recommend?thanks.

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    I'm so glad that you are moving to Canada - I came here from the UK 30 years ago and it has been a great place to live and raise my family.

    The Niagara area is lovely, in fact the whole of South Western Ontario is beautiful - from Niagara Falls to Windsor, Ontario, is a good area in which to live.

    Check out and explore Southern Ontario towns and cities such as London, Windsor, Stratford, St Marys, Aylmer - there are some really great places to live where housing is affordable.

    In smaller towns and cities I find that people are more neighbourly, shop-keepers are more accommodating and in general people are very friendly.

    Good Luck with your move to Canada!

    EDITED - I just read your other questions and if I can be of any help, just email me. I live south of London, Ontario, and came to Canada many years ago, but I do remember how scary it was and what it was like to arrive here and not know anyone - we came with three suitcases and a baby and when we arrived here we found out that the company that had offered my hubby a job in the summer, had since gone bankrupt!

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    The Niagara Falls are beautiful and worth a visit, but the town of Niagara is pretty awful - very commercialised and tacky.

    Ottawa is rather boring; Montreal is very nice, but it has horrendous winters and it's French! Toronto is good, but it's a very big, busy city. Of all the places I've visited in Canada, I consider Vancouver to be outstanding - I love it so much that I've been three times. The Pacific comes right into the city, so there are beaches close at hand (not Blackpool quality beaches, but quite nice). Public transport is excellent - one ticket for less than 50p lasts for two hours and you can travel on bus, train or ferry with it. The weather is very much like England's, but the summers are warmer and seem to last longer. It rains a lot in winter, but rarely snows. Downtown (that is, the city itself) is great - lots of great shops, and half the English prices, restaurants, theatres, museums, sports stadia etc. The surrounding scenery is spectacular: mountains, trees, the sea, ships, bridges and parks.

    Hope this helps.

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    The Niagara Region has a lot of natural beauty, but not a lot of jobs (of ANY sort.) Most of the jobs are in the service & tourism industries (go figure,) & don't pay very well. Most of the cities/towns are easily forgettable; Welland & St. Catharines are tremendously bland. Fort Erie will bring higher car insurance rates, as it's a "border town." It (Ridgeway & Sherkston/Pt. Colborne,) will also potentially see a LOT of snow, being in the lake effect "snow belt" of the area. If it doesn't get cold enough to freeze Lake Erie, be prepared for some serious blizzards in the Winter.

    Source(s): Lived there for 18 years.
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