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Have you ever witnessed a no-hitter? In the park, preferably, but TV or radio will do.?

Please include dates and if you can, a few details.

Dave Stewart, 30 June 1989

Dave Steib 2 Sept 1990 (my parent's anniversary)

Nolan Ryan's 7th 1 May, 1991

but all on TV

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    Don Larsen's World Series Perfecto Oct. 8, 1956. It was on TV. The neat thing about this was... I skipped school to watch it. An interesting side-line is... his opponent was Sal 'the Barber' Maglie. Maglie pitched a no-no one week before the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers met in the WS.

    On Radio:

    May 15, 1960 Don Cardwell (Cubs) vs Cardinals, 4-0.

    Sept. 17, 1968 Gaylord Perry (Giants) vs Cardinals, 1-0

    and the next night Sept. 18, 1968 the Cardinals got even when Ray Washburn threw a no-no back at the Giants, 2-0.

    Aug. 14, 1971 Bob Gibson (Cards) vs Pirates, 11-0. Gibson fanned Willie Stargell looking to end the game. On TV.

    Sept. 26, 1983 Bob Forsch (Cards) vs Montreal, 3-0. Radio

    June 29, 1990 Fernando Valenzuela (Dodgers) vs Cardinals, 6-0. Radio

    June 25, 1999 Jose Jimenez (Cards) vs Arizona, 1-0. Radio

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    I witnessed one at Veterans Stadium in its last year of being used by a Philadelphia team. Kevin Milwood 27 April 2003. Which was a 1-0 victory for the Phillies against the Giants.

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    I saw Terry Mulholland's no-no in Philadelphia IN PERSON against the Giants on August 15, 1990---it was the first no-hitter in Veterans Stadium history.

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    David Wells perfect game: May 17, 1998 vs Twins.

    David Cone perfect game: July 18, 1999 vs Expos.

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    I had the chance too see Randy Johnson throw a incredible perfect game on May 18th, 2004 agaisnt the Atlanta Braves. He threw 117 pitches retired all 27 and ws incredible to watch.

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    No. However, I did get to see Nolan Ryan beat the snot out of Robin Ventura. It was awesome.

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    as a diehard sox fan i watched mark buerhle's no hitter not the highlights the actual game

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