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i want to get this girl that sway too good for me wat do i do?

her name natallia and i like love her

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    get a good paying job

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    There isn't a girl on this earth that is too good for you. If you think of her as too good for you then you'll never get her. As far as trying to get with her get to know her and let her get to know you and it'll fall into place. Start with small conversation and see where it goes from there.

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    First of all, pretty much all guys that really like a certain girl think they are too good for them but sometimes girls think that too. Just ask her to something casual like out to get coffee or something. Oh! and BE YOURSELF!

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    If you think she is way to good for you, you have no self esteem and she probably wouldn't want to be with you anyways. You should never think you aren't good enough for anyone. Ask her out, that is all you can do.

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    well do you hang out with her all the time or is it just some girl you see walkin in class...i mean if you hang out with her and ytou are friends then tell he rhow you feel..but if your just one of the meny guys that know of her and see her..its not woth your time usly the girls that are right in front of you that you know are you frinds are the ones that would make good gf

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    maybe you just think she's way too good for you. talk to her, ask her out to dinner or something. see where things go. if you don't speak up, you'll never know what could have happened.

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    first stop think that she is "way too good" for you. women/girls can smell insecurity from a mile away. be confident and sure of yourself. talk to her decently without pick up lines!

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    well i no what u r going through except for it is a guy well tell her see what she says that is what i told the guy that i like and he said he liked me and we tlk

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    Be yourself!! And if you like love her, then like have confidence and maybe tell her how you feel.

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    you should tell her how you feel, and if she says no then you can either wait for her or move on. bc she missed out not you! but that's for you to decide

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