Do other countries have the technology to take satellite pictures of OUR nuclear facilities?


We dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and another on Nagasaki. We are the only country to have done this, albeit with reason. Ever since the Manhattan Project, our scientists have continued with the development of more and more sophisticated nukes.

Today we have an arsenal of over ten thousand nuclear warheads. We also maintain several facilities. but not all are actively producing nuclear weapons. And of course, we do not know where all of the facilities are located. Thus we do not know what, where and how such nuclear weapons are stored. We do know that uranium is stored in our facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Untold billions are spent on our defense. Comparatively speaking other countries now seek nuclear weapons also. There are spies and operatives worldwide. I wonder then, just how secure our facilities are, and again just who (other countries)have the same or similar satellite capabilities as are used by the United States.

Hence my question as aforementioned


Yes I wanted a serious answer(s) and I got them.

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    You have enough people workinig in your nuclear facilities that a few of them will spill the beans. Sat photos aren't needed when spies infest your nuke plants.

    We, in the West really open ourselves up to espionage as we welcome the world, no matter their background. You won't find any agents in Iranian nuke plants I bet.

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    Assuming you really wanted an answer to this, there is a treaty provision for some of this but not specifically nuclear facilities. It is called “open skys” and has to do with both aircraft and satellite surveillance of items that fall under the various treaties.

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    Russia and Britain are about the only countries with military satellite systems like ours... most other countries use corporate satellite systems which are not designed for intelligence gathering...

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    Any country with the technology to launch a satelite into orbit might well have such spy satelites, yes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes probably.

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