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What do the stars on US college football helmets mean. Some helmets have lots of stars other only have a few.?

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    Not all teams have stars (or tomahawks, buckeyes, bones ect) but if they do, it is a reward for something they did. Some teams but not all everyone on the team will get one for a win, then depending on what postion a player plays. A running back would get 1 for a touchdown, 1 for 100 yards rush. A lineman may get one if a back run in a TD, or a "pancake" or not allowing a sack. a Linebacker would get o1 for a sack, 1 for however many tackles ect. Georgia gives out 2 types of "bones" White for on the field and black for in the Class room. If a player is on the Dean's list, he get a black bone.

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    Depends on team policy....normally for high achievement such as touchdowns,extra points, field goals on offense sacks,interceptions, fumble recovery on defense

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    they are rewards for doing things ex: hitting somebody from the other team and making them fumble the football , tackling the other teams quarterback for a loss of yards

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    for great plays they get 1

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  • THey're pride stickers. A player gets one when they play really good.

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