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Has life changed too fast in 3-4 generations ?

Okay 3 generations away for me - father grandfather - great grandfather lands me in the mid 1800's My great grandfther fought the Boer war

On a horse - drinking urine filtered through desert sand as did all British - Boer soldiers fighting in the desert

At home (a family typical in Canada) no electricity no phone etc

Most knew how to farm had a good working knowledge of nature livestock seasons and weather etc

Some never made it to school and those that did were very unlikely to get through high school but they knew more about the world in a lot of ways than we do -

They had time to think - do it yourself medicne was the rule not the exception - They could make some medicines - for common things

I live in a city water comes from a tap milk comes from a bag and fish comes from a can .

In the 6 years I have been here the most natural thing I have seen is a lady walking a designer dog with a 50 dollar haircut and some Sea Gulls fight it out over a McDonald French fry

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    sad huh?! yes life has changed in less than that. i don't think the word "lucky" has anything to do with it, not that you said that, i say that often. "kids are lucky these days"...heck I'm almost 30 and life has turned upside down. bratty kids get absolutely everything they want nowadays and if they don't they can't get beat like I did because their parents could get prosecuted for child endangerment...holy cow! they act a little hyper and teacher says put em on Ritalin. it's completely ridiculous the way the world has changed. craziness!

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    Most of us are estranged from the natural world and that isn't good for humans at all.

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