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Is there a maximum to how big the K of a spring can be?


Okay, meaning one that cannot exceed 1m^3 dimension, but every other resource (material, etc) may be changed. and I am only talking about K, not F or x. Just K.

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    After k becomes to big, the force of streching the spring would break it.

    So yes, k could become too big depending on the material

    Assuming you meant the k in F=kx

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    no b/c that is the characteristic of the spring. It's like saying is there a limit to what a scale can read. Well technically yes. But you can build one infinetly bigger.

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    just the physical limitations imposed by relativity and the compressibility of the material.

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    yes there is a limit to the force and length that you can stretch it

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    Can you make this from neutronium?

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