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I have 2 Glowing Embers Hydrangeas that didn't bloom last year & showed signs of insects. Any suggestions?

Both plants came up looking fine, but the leaves were soon being eaten by something and not a single bloom appeared on either plant. They get afternoon sun. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to get these plants healthy and blooming again.

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    Glowing Embers Hydrangea is in the Big Leaf Hydrangea species (Hydrangea macrophylla hortensias). This is important if you live in hardiness zone 5 because these Hydrangeas bloom on second year wood, but this shrub is not stem hardy in zone 5 (hardy in zones 6-9). In zone 5 the stems die back each winter. They regenerate new stems in spring but, because this is first year wood, they will never bloom again unless we have a real mild winter & you have no stem die-back. Are you in zone 5?

    Have you fertilized these shrubs? The overuse of nitrogen will promote vegetative growth at the expense of blooms.

    Next problem with the macrophyllas is they do not like the hot afternoon sun. They do best in part sun/part shade with moist, well drained soils. Afternoon sun is hot & tends to dry/stress these plants. Do they look wilted in the late afternoon/ early evening? Make sure they are getting adequet water with that western exposure. Insects like to attack plants that are stressed. They have weakened defensive systems. It sounds like your Hydrangeas are stressed from their western exposure & that's why you now have an insect problem.

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