Got traffic can I keep points off my driver's license???

I got a ticket for running a stop sign. This is my first traffic violation in 5 years (last cited for running red light), so my record is pretty clean. I am guilty of running the stop sign...and it didn't help that I was yacking on my cell phone (which is NOT illegal in Georgia). Any who, how can I keep the points from being added to my driver's license? I'm willing to pay the fine, but don't want my insurance to go up because of this. Thanks!


Georgia does NOT remove points from your license if you to traffic school... :-(

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    1. Whatever you do, be sure you go to court! If you waive your right to a trial and simply pay the fine, the points will go against you, PERIOD.

    2. When you go to court, plead "NO CONTEST", don't plead guilty and DEFINITELY don't plead not-guilty. The judge will read your charges and ask if you have anything to say. Explain that you are extremely regretful of the violation, admit guilt, but not carelessness (don't mention the cell phone - simply say you didn't see the sign because it was an unfamiliar area). If the judge asks why you pleaded "no contest", simply explain that you admit the violation and take full responsibility, but were looking for a course of action other than a fine.

    3. This will set you up as being extremely credible and honest. Next, state that you do not expect to be let go free and clear, but you were wondering if there was any way to keep your driving record clean via driving school, or probation. Chances are, since your record is "reasonably" clean, as long as you don't get a d*%#head for a judge, you should receive one of the following orders from worst to best...

    A: Pay fine + court costs - and get signed up for traffic school or whatever you have there (which may cost even more.)

    B: Pay fine - which is reduced by the same amount as the court cost and get signed up for traffic school.

    C: Fine w/ Probation: If you keep your nose clean for an assigned period of time (usually 6 months to 1 year) with NO other violations, the points will not go on your license.

    D: Traffic school only.

    E: Excused. Note: This will only happen if the Judge for some reason does not like the officer who stopped you. It is considered a slap in the face to let a legitimately "ticketed" driver completely off the hook.

    Also Remember:

    *You usually only get one "official" chance to speak in traffic court. Be sure you get all points across outlined in #'s 2 and 3 above during this time, but try not to sound like a tape recorder.

    *Be humble but don't act overly ashamed.

    *Since you're already admitting guilt, it doesn't hurt to act a little nervous. This shows the judge how regretful you truly are, how serious the issue is to you preserving your driving record and also at the same time feeds his/her power-hungry ego.

    *Admit guilt, take full responsibility, but deny carelessness.

    *Look the judge in the eyes when you or he/she is talking.

    *Wear blue, dark green or grey based shirt with black or khaki colored pants (I'd suggest a polo shirt and slacks).

    Hope all this helps!

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    Points Off License

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    Don't know about Georgia but it has been my experience in Maryland that if you go to traffic court and your record for the past 5 years is clean, just plead guilty and they will let you off with probation before judgment. That means you have to pay the fine (they usually reduce it) but they wipe the points.

    It has always paid off for me to take the half day off from work and sit in traffic court.

    Of course, being from a different state, YMMV.

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    Points On License Ga

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    Traffic School in most places will keep the ticket off your record.

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    If you have an option to go to traffic scholl, you should. That will not go on your record, but many people are mislead that once they pay the fine, they are off the hook- NOT true. You still owe the fine but go to traffic school to avoid it going on your MVR

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    Ins. will not go up yet. If it does, you need a new company anyway. Wouldn't worry about it. Good to know that some people in this world actually accept and admit to their guilt! Refreshing!

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    Check and see because most states have an on-line driving school and if you pay your fine and complete driving school, your ticket goes off your record.

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    take drivers training online. when you go pay your ticket, you can tell them you want to take drivers classes online. but you cant do it if you've done the classes in the past 18 months for another ticket.

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