Is this really true?

If a parent is unable to stop their child from being bullied that the parent of the bullied child can be charged with child endangerment? When my children visit their dad, they are having a problem with a bully and we haven't been able to stop it, now I'm being told by the C.A.S that if it continues, I can lose my children because they are being bullied. Can that really happen? Or is it just another in a long line of scare tactics? Their dad has visitation rights so I can't keep them away and he really is trying to resolve the situation, but to no avail. I'm just so tired of being afraid of the C.A.S and their bullying tactics. Any advice would be appreciated.


To the person who thinks I'm not ready for parenthood, my kids are 12 and 5(6 next month) so I've been doing this for a while.

Update 2:

It is happening at a park near their dads house. They are only there on Saturdays for about 8 hours.

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    Is the C.A.S. Child Protective Services in your area? I do not know the law on this one but it seems extreme on the surface. First, you don't specify the age of your children and the locations of the "bullying events".

    If they are under school age and it's happening at home, then I would wonder why you failed to act as a parent, either by removing your child or by not allowing the other child into your home.

    If it is at school, then the school should be notified. If it continues and you contact the school and notify them of such, then the school has a liability to protect your child.

    With the additional information you provided, it seems to me that your husband is more accountable than you are. It's happening during his visitation. Also, since these are older children, you can talk to them about avoiding those type situations. Also, speak to the parents of the bullies. If that doesn't work, then report the parents of the bullies. It does need to stop. Hang in there, my son was bullied at school for a short while but we stayed on top of everything and everyone to resolve the situation. Good luck.

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    I had a similar situation at my 7 year olds school. There was a child in her class that wouldn't leave her alone. I went to the teacher, principal and district office, nothing was resolved. I was told that children will be children. I seen the mother at the school and spoke with her, told her what her daughter does to mine, I thought that everything would be fine after that. Nope, the next day the little brat pushed my daughter into a little boy on a bus (school field trip) my daughter cut her lip open. Finally I decided to call the police department. They told me that by law I can get a re-straining order on the little girl. They will not be allowed to sit next to each other or play on the playground by one another, if this happens the little girls mom gets in trouble. No you can not get in trouble but the parent can. It sounds like your child needs to go to another park or her dad needs to talk to the parents and if that doesn't work call the police and get some help. Just like I had told the school district, it is kids who have been bullied and they get no help from anyone who come to schools with guns and take it upon them self to settle the situation because they cant handle the way they are being treated anymore. Good luck to you.

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    I don't believe it is true, but it seems nowdays anything can. You need to the dad to keep the kids away from the little menaces and if it happens again call the cops on them. You are trying to protect your children, but bullies are a part of life. If their parents aren't waking up to the problem then maybe a visit from the police will help them too.

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    Get a lawyer, and go after the kids and the parents of the kids that are bullying your children. I have NEVER heard of people having their children taken away because the children are being bullied. If anything, the kids that are DOING the bullying should be the ones taken away and locked up.

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    Yes it is true. They see it as child endangerment because you are not taking the steps necessary to protect your children. The father will be held responsible being that they are in his care. But you will also be responsible because as a parent you should have already taken legal actions against this bully to protect your child. Contact local law enforcement and press charges and that will stop this bully.

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    Traci had some good advice, but here are some resources for laws on Child Protective Services. They will manipulate the truth in order to get you to do what they want. In cases like this it is better to know your rights then to acquire the information from someone else; unless of course it’s your lawyer.

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    first off,... **** C.A.S!!! you shouldn't worry about things like that. go have a one on one with the bullies parents.

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    Why don't they just stop going to that park? Why keep going somewhere where something bad is going to happen to them?

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    you can not be charged with anything. The kid doing the bullying can be. If you have to ask this question you might not suitable for parenthood.

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