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what compnay makes the heisman trophy?

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    well.....I haven't been able to find out which company makes it

    but here's a little something about its design

    if I find which company makes it....I'll add it......sorry for now

    The Design of the Heisman Trophy

    First, the trophy itself - what should be its style, size and design? The traditional cup or bowl seemed too commonplace, lacked distinction and was in no way emblematic of the athletic talent to be honored and immortalized. The Club Trophy Committee decided, after deliberation, that the trophy should be the replica in bronze of a muscular footballer driving for yardage.

    To create this trophy, a well-known sculptor and National Academy Prize Winner, Frank Eliscu, was engaged. He set to work at once selecting Ed Smith, a leading player on the 1934 New York University football team, as his model. In due course, Eliscu prepared a rough clay model. It was approved by the DAC Committee and sent uptown to Jim Crowley (one of the legendary Four Horseman of Notre Dame), then Head Football Coach at Fordham, for his inspection. He showed the replica to his players who took various positions on the field to illustrate and verify the side step, the forward drive and the strong arm thrust of the right arm. Sculptor Eliscu closely observed these action sequences and modified his clay prototype to correspond. The result was a truly lifelike simulation of player action. It was then converted into a plaster cast, a step preliminary to ultimate production in bronze.

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    whi cares?!?!?!?!?!?

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