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backham and united?

Just listened to becks' interview and i think he still loves manutd. The fact that he and ferguson don't see eye to eye is one of those sad facts of life. I also think he will always be remembered as a united great. I for one am glad that David Beckham is back in the england squad, and also totally believe that his first love is manchester united.

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    Anyone who says Beckham is useless is an idiot (ie, first poster).

    He still has a lot to offer, and I would have been so happy if Man Utd got him back on a free; but instead, he gave up Champions League football for the states. He still would have been a great option off the bench, and I am sure he would have pushed Giggs for a starting position.

    He set up two goals tonight, hit the post on a free kick, and he really didn't play exceptionally well (though he probably was Real's best performer).

    Becks is still a class player, and I would have welcomed him with open arms; any club in the world would.

    And, to answer the original question; yes, Becks loves Manchester. I saw him in an interview where he said he wanted to end up there after his career ends. He made a speech at halftime in the Europe XI vs. United XI, and you could tell where is heart lies.

    Class player, class act.

    ^^Why did he leave? You well notice that as soon as a player gets on Fergie's bad side, his United days are limited. Beckham picked up an injury; Ole played well as his replacement. His games became limited when he came back, and his relationship with Fergie went downhill.

    Fergie kicked a boot at Becks after a defeat to LaArse (I believe) and cut him above his eye; he needed stiches. I think that was a culmanation of mutual fustration, but by then, his fate was sealed.

    Ruud thought he was bigger then United, he was transferred. Maybe Becks felt the same way. What is for sure is that once a player is on Fergie's bad side, it usually isn't good.

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    David Beckham has always said that he loves Manchester United and always will. Sir Alex Ferguson is a very tough one to deal with. Just ask many of his former players like Dwight Yorke, Rudd Van N. and many others. The only player that really tore Ferguson up when he let him go was Roy Keane. He has recently said this about Roy Keane again. Ferguson always believed that someday Beckham would go to the U.S. to become a major influence in the sport of soccer.

    I'm from the U.S. and have been a football (soccer) fan since I was a kid. People in this country forget, thanks to the media, that soccer was huge in this country back in the mid-to late seventies when the N.A.S.L. (North American Soccer League) featured the World's best players: Pele, Rodney Marsh, Franz Beckenbauer, George Best, and many others. More people went to see the New York Cosmos than the NFL'S New York Giants. It was hot in the media and everywhere, just ask Pele, Beckenbauer, and Rodney Marsh.

    And then it kind of faded away. Soccer was kept alive in the

    U.S. through the very fast-paced and agressive sport of indoor soccer, which was truly an amazing thing to watch!!

    In a way, I am very happy David Beckham is coming to America, not only for his talent, but because hopefully the media will once again focus on the sport of soccer. Major League Soccer is not as exciting as when it first began back in 1996, when International players like Hugo Sanchez, Carlos Valderama, and Marcelo Carerra played. So we need the top-level players to come here once again to give the sport of soccer 'a kick in the grass' as the former N.A.S.L. greats the Tampa Bay Rowdies use to say.

    As far as Beckham's skill goes, it is still top-level to the point that AC MILAN wanted him badly to sign. It would have been brilliant for him if he had. But he is taking a big chance by coming to the states. I believe one of the reasons he came here was that he thought MLS (Major League Soccer) was going to be signing other great players like Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Brian McBride, Edgar Davids, and Roberto Carlos.

    This is certainly the impression that MLS is giving to their fans and the media.

    My fear is that Beckham will come here and have to carry the weight of the LA Galaxy, Major League Soccer, and the promotion of soccer on his own. If the other players skills are not up to par, it will make Beckham look like a second-rate player. Yes, he is being paid a lot of money to do so, but wise up MLS, FIFA, and other U.S. soccer big shots, you need to have a major top-level player with name recognition in every market for the attendance and playing skills to increase, not just one person.

    Pay Zidane the $15 million he is asking to play, and get the stadium with real grass built so Luis Figo will play for the New York Red Bulls. ( I know this info. to be true because of inside connections to MLS).

    Beckham has also said that he wants to bring his family to the U.S. The media here are quite similar to the British media, they will hound him like the British hound the fox during a fox hunt.

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    I agree that Beckham still loves United. I think if Sir Alex offered to take him back, he would have accepted it. I think Beckham received offers from some mid-table EPL teams but he was only willing to go back to United and one other EPL team in the top 4, I forget which. I'm in the US so I'm happy he's coming. I hope he has five more years of playing time. Welcome to America, David Beckham!!!

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    Well, I live in LA and have season tickets for Galaxy. I'm pretty excited about Beckham and Xavier coming to the team because Galaxy's not doing so well now.

    Hey Georgian, are you from the country Georgia? I am Georgian.

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    of course David loves Manchester United and he will love for all his life and we, Man.Utd supporters, won't forget him. I think his wife had great influence on him, in other way he would not had left Old Trafford.

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    Of course he loves United, he supports United and says it will always be his favourite club. He said it was always his favourite club, and he surely loves Fergie. Why he left I'll never know but he did and thats that.

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    1 decade ago guys can take him! hes pretty usesless here but,hes coming to the states!atelast he hot i gues?!

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