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Did Einstein have a driver's license?

seriously -- Have had problems passing the test, & someone in similar situation said it's not a matter of intelligence, don't worry "Einstein didn't drive a car". does anyone know for sure -- & for that matter: a list of scientists, politicians, whatever, with overall competence who, for some reason or another, didn't/ don't drive? Thanx...

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    To be perfectly fair to Einstein: For most of his life, and certainly up to the time that he immigrated to the United States, Einstein never needed to drive a car, nor did most other Europeans who lived in cities and villages. I would also suppose that living in Princeton, New Jersey, during and immediately after World War II, he didn't need to know how to drive a car.

    Learning, or not learning, to drive a car isn't necessarily a sign of intelligence. Two cases in point:

    ---My patenal grandfather (1879-1963) grew up in rural Central Texas, and when he grew to adulthood, he worked as a stationmaster for the Santa Fe Railroad. Between the two World Wars, he walked to work from his home in a series of small Texas towns until his retirement at age 75, at which time he learned to drive.

    ---My maternal grandmother (1893-1986) was born in in a small town slightly south and west of Fort Worth, Texas. She graduated from teacher's college, worked as a primary teacher, married my grandfather, and was the active mother of five children who grew up between 1915 and 1946. After my grandfather died in 1957, she took a driving test and got her driver's license. She lived all her married life in what is now the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Except for trips into Dallas or Fort Worth, my grandmother, my mother, and everyone else walked everywhere: church, school, the grocery store . . .

    The necessity of driving only exists if public transportation doesn't exist or distances are too far to walk. I also know of numerous non-famous, middle-class people who currently live in New York, Chicago, or London and don't have a driver's license.

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    Einstein never learned to drive a car.

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    Presumably. He frequently drove himself to a lake where he sailed in a small boat belonging to Princeton.

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