Is it true that the planet Neptune has a vast inner ocean?

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    Neptune has an inner rocky core that is surrounded by a vast ocean of water mixed with rocky material. From the inner core, this ocean extends upward until it meets a gaseous atmosphere of hydrogen, helium, and trace amounts of methane. Neptune has four rings and eight known moons. Even though Neptune's volume is 72 times that of Earth’s volume, its mass is only 17 times Earth’s mass.

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    Thousands of miles down it has an inner ocean of liquid hydrogen, tens of thousands of degrees hot. Not very good fishing. In Jupiter and Saturn the inner oceans actually become liquid metallic hydrogen, something that doesn't occur on earth because it requires extremely high pressure.

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    Uranus has an ocean, and it is very hot, but Just so you know, that blue gas is methane, and it does not surround the planet, it IS the planet.

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    of gas not water, thousands of km of blue gas surrounds the planet, therefore the name neptune an allusion to the god of the sea

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