2000 Cadillac STS Landau roof.?

A strip of metal finishing trim has been lost off the bottom of the Landau roof. Although GM denies any knowledge, the VIN does not show the item, although the Landau material has a GM tag on it.

Anyone have an Idea of a supplier for this type of item.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Parts for the roof will probably have to come from the local installers of either E&G Classics or Vogue Tops. Look in your yellowpages, ask the Cadillac dealer who puts the tops on their cars or go to the respective website , www.voguetyre.com or www.egclassics.com to get a contact number and see if they can refer you to someplace local. The GM Tag is because that company has got a license from GM to make and install tops on gm cars, nothing to do with GM or dealers. Probably says GM Licensee?

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