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Pokemon Pearl - Ditto!?


I am new to my Pokemon Pearl game! I don't have any amazing pokemon or anything.. just regulars. So far I have 2 badges.. I'm soon getting my third one :D

I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to trade me a Ditto? It's my favorite pokemon and I also want to be a pokemon breeder! Again.. I really only have the Pokemon I can catch in the game up until now.

I'm really hoping someone would be kind enough to trade me one. It would make my day ♥




Thanks star! I love Haruhi too btw! ♥

I'm still looking for someone to trade me a Ditto via wifi ! Please someone :D

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    Ditto is a National Dex Pokemon. Well, you can obtain it in the Wild, so you can always wait until you get the National Dex (After the Elite Four AND after you seen all 150 Sinnoh Pokemon). If you want to catch one, Route 218, Poke Radar (The item you get after National Dex). Anyway, Ditto is indeed awesome, wish I can trade you one, but meh wi-fi is Teh Suxx0rs. D:

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    ok first you can only get ditto after getting a national pokedex. Second i dont have your friend codeso im sorry.

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    you can find ditto after you beat the elite 4.

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    ill help u out cuz u look nice

    ill be on fer like 10 min and later in tha day 2morrow

    wat u go for it

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