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How do you pay for braces...when you have no money?

I've a gap between my two front teeth and a few others at the bottom. My parents think braces are obviously expensive and can't afford them. We have a dental plan but it doesn't cover braces. I've a friend who got braces for $5000 along with her sister who got hers for $3000. Her sister's teeth were a bit similar to mine -from what I heard (only her spaces were much bigger than mine). So I'm hoping I can get them for about that price, but I know every case is different, so if not I'll still get them anyway. I'm just do you pay for braces if you don't have the money? I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I know there must be alternatives to help pay for them. I'm in school, so I also have student loans to worry about. But fixing my teeth right now for my confidence is my top priority. I'm looking for a summer job, which isn't easy, but I'm hopeful. I'm in Canada, so anyone who's also in Canada and has suggestions, pls let me know. Your views are much appreciated!!

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    Well.... the only way you can find out the price is actually getting a workup done.. Where they do x-rays and molds on your teeth, I dont know if there is an Apple Ortho there in Canada but here in the U.S I herd their work ups are free.. They give you a price and if you dont have the money then you can do payments over the full treatment.. SO lets say they tell you it will take 2 years.... and it will cost $3500 then then that $3500 will be divided in two years... It can come up to about $100-$200 a month depending on how much it will cost you and how much you put as a down payment.. I got braces about 5 months ago.. and mine was $3500, my cousin just got braces and his was $4000 so it really depends on the severity of your case... You also have to have healthy teeth, no cavities and no problems at all.. Your teeth go thru a large amount of pressure and pain.. and they need to be healthy and in great condition to be able to stand it.. If that amount still sounds way out of your range then try going to dental schools.. they offer dental treatment with a big discount.. basically its dentist who is training and are supervised by a senior dentist... They monitor everything so you are in good hands.. if you did go down that route... good luck.. ive wanted braces for years... since i was a young teenager.. and now that I am an adult I was finally able to afford them.. If fixing your teeth is a top priority then get a summer job and help your parents do the payments... im sure you can easily.. come up with $150 a month for your soon to be beautiful smile..

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    Well for starters...My Ortho is in Mtl. Most Ortho will not have you pay the whole amount straight foward. I had to put up $1000 up front and finance the rest of installement on my credit card or pay cash for $150 or $174 for the ortho doesnt charge any interest. So they're financing option available. You can have a part time job to pay it off monthly

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    i imagine that's more beneficial ideal to pay off as a lot as conceivable even if that's expenditures like charge playing cards or something this is nice to pay interest on. you'll keep funds that way contained in the lengthy time period. more beneficial ideal to be broke for a lengthy time period than drag the funds out longer and pay more beneficial interest.

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    I just got them. I begged and begged for them. It took forever for us to get the money... and all i have to say about braces is.... RUN AWAY! RUN FAR FAR AWAY! I got them because of gaps... and they hurt like hell. No one said anything about this much pain... so run while you can still eat!

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    Maybe your parents will help you out to get your braces

    Hoped I helped

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    beg or pray don't steal try working &saving for them have yard sale

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