why Los Angel es is better then any city in Canada?

this is true life story I was be homeless Canadian citizen with PHD in art in Canada, some one help me to buy ticket and some cash to move in los angeles , the city of the Santa Monica help me to have cartoons drawing permit t and in los angeles I rent room ,then start working as artist for magazine, then I buy nice car,get to school so low fee for any programs, ,,but I did one stupid mistake and back in Canada and again be came homeless, this country Canada is sucks for educated guys or talent, and stupid united nation release the report Canada is best country and Vancouver is best city all is lie's , you have right to know in canada we have so much pay TAX, there is no programs to help low income, I wish soon back in LA and say for ever, I am asking you are if you have talent or educated please do not land in canada . is so painfully country Canada is nice for rich people

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    According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority study in 2005, there were approximately 82,300 homeless people at a given point in time in the greater Los Angeles area. Approximately 72,400 of these were unsheltered, and 9,900 people were living in emergency shelters or transitional housing programs. That is for a city of nine million people. (By the way, an additional 4,360 homeless people were housed in jails, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities, but did not meet the "homeless" definition.)

    Vancouver has a population of 600,000 people, and the 2005 homeless count for the greater Vancouver area was 2,174 of which roughly half were unsheltered.

    So here are the comparisons in percentages:

    Los Angeles = 0.91% homeless rate

    Vancouver = 0.36% homeless rate

    To me that means almost one out of every 100 persons in Los Angeles is homeless, while one in every 300 persons are homeless in Vancouver.



    Income tax on $50,000 for 2006 (if you had no deductions or ways to reduce the tax burden) was just over $9,200 in Vancouver if you use Revenue Canada's calculations. This is broken down as follows:

    $6,624 federal taxes

    $2,641 provincial taxes

    According to the IRS, the same $50,000 in USA would have $9,058 of income tax owing on it.

    So you are saying that the extra $150 per year of taxes in Vancouver is a HUGE TAX difference and makes Canada a painful country to live in?

    If you are going to make statements and "soapbox" like you do on at least six questions I have seen (posted under two different names), please at least get your facts correct. Do some research.

    I have a few questions for you:

    You did not mention what the "one stupid mistake" was that you did that got you deported from USA back to Canada. Are you a political cartoonist and insulted the president?

    You claim "Canada sucks for educated guys", but your writing suggests that English is most likely your second language. Perhaps you can indicate your accreditations...You have a PHD in Art from what university? Are they well known and respected in North America or the world?

    Why do you need a permit in Santa Monica to draw cartoons? When you indicate you are a cartoonist and artist with a PHD, I and other perhaps assume you may be published in a newspaper, or be on display at an art gallery. Were you ever published in the Santa Monica Mirror, the Lookout, or the S.M. Daily Press? Or were you one of those street vendors that sit on the pier and draw caricatures? Both professions require talent, but there is a big difference in the status and position they command.

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    I take it you have to pay taxes in the USA too? All lies? Then where did the USA rank in the United Nations poll? I suggest that you look at the homeless that are in Los Angeles as well. There are more there than in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver combined. There immigrants who have come to this country who love it here and would give their lives to defend it. You need a cartoons permit? To do what? There are many people with talent in Canada and are making a good decent living and can afford things. Just because things didn't work out for you, you want to downgrade the country that you state didn't want to help you or you just didn't want to help yourself.

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    There are MANY more homeless in L.A. than in Toronto or Montréal or Vancouver.

    And why would you be required to have something called a "cartoon drawing permit" in Santa Monica. And you claim in your profile that the Government of Canada censors your cartoons. I don't think either is constitutionally permissable.

    Your story is very fishy smelling, sir.

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    You stated your opinion the other day about Canada. Many Canadians are homeless, we ALL pay taxes. Not all Canadians are rich or educated.

    We are all given this life to live to the best of our abilities, WE MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES, WE MAKE OUR OWN LUCK.

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