Is there such a job as a Government Insurance Refund Processor?

I received a post card announcing that there was an immediate opportunity to work as a Government Insurance Refund Processor. Call 1-888-211-6587. Is this legitimate? Has anyone else received this post card? Did anything happen?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's basically a scam. There are low income homeowners out there who are owed a refund for their mortgage insurance premium from FHA; the companies that do this track them down on-line and offer to help them fill out the paperwork for an exorbitant fee. It's a ripoff for the customer, but it's usually also a scam on the "employee" -- if you call, they will most likely charge you a fee to get some sort of "start up kit" that will consist mostly of a list of homeowners they got from HUD. You'll be paying money for the opportunity to run an unprofitable business that the government frowns on (see, and you'll get hung out to dry if anything goes wrong or if you can't collect from your "customers".

    As a rule of thumb, I think you should always ask yourself about any "business opportunity", "If there's money to be made in this fantastic business opportunity, why isn't this company trying to make that money? Why are they subcontracting out the right to pick up all this free money that's supposedly out there?" The answer is almost always that they have an accurate picture of the costs and potential revenues, and they have made a rational decision to try to make money off the middlemen they're recruiting, rather than the end customers. Be careful!

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    1 decade ago

    The BBB does have a listing for the company under the number. It's called Affiliate Stategies Inc (spelled as on the BBB site) and according to the BBB, "This company offers a LIST of (Mortgage Ins refund) NAMES that the government has not been able to contact"

    In other words, you'll get a list of people to contact to charge a fee to help them get their own money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have received the card too. i am trying to check the company out by utilizing the bbb site. upon typing in the address i got from the operator, bbb could not pull the address. i myself do not send money to a company unless i have consulted with the bbb first. it's the best advice i can give to concerned customers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Consumer Alert

    Read all HUD Refund Alerts!!!

    Beware of people (known as "tracers") offering to help you collect your refund for a fee. You do not need to hire someone to collect your money. You can obtain your refund directly from HUD for free. If

    you feel that you've been misled or in some way harmed by a tracer; or

    you've been contacted by someone asking you to become a tracer, who you believe misled or harmed you,

    Let us know. We'll check it out.

    To contact us by telephone, fax, e-mail or by mail, go to the Office of Inspector General's Hotline website.

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