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I am starting my interior decoration business/home staging business.?

What is the best way to market my company besides print advertising?

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    Join a networking group so that you can pass out your cards.

    Find some volunteer groups to help out with.

    Word of mouth. Talk to everyone you know. In paint stores.

    Raffle of a free consultation or a free room design. You can use this to add to your portfolio.

    You could set up a bowl for a drawing at a local restaurant that you frequent or at a benefit.

    Have a girls night out at your home and show them how to set up table scape's or mantle settings. Holidays are a great time to do this.

    Participate in a silent auction. Check out the school systems and see if they need help with anything for fundraisers.

    Work with Habitat for Humanity. Do a press release when you do something. Get a magazine to cover an event when you are participating.

    Stay around people who support you and your new venture.

    Check with Realtors to see if they have anyone on board that they are using and if they might consider you.

    Wishing you my very best of luck and success.

    It is all about forming relationships.

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    Word of mouth is the best way to advertise any business. Can you do any jobs for friends?

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    A website, friends telling friends (word of mouth), references & testimonials (which you can get after you get started and get a few projects under your belt), references from people you buy from, and setting up booths at decorator shows.

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