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Have you ever een tied up...for fun?

Have you ever played "cowboys and Indians"? Were you ever caught, tied up and left helpless for a long time while they hunted for other Indians? Or have you ever tied up your baby-sitter as a prank....where you BOTH enjoyed it? I have caught a girl and tied her up helpless for 30 minutes, left her to struggle for her freedom. Later, I let her loose and she conffesssed that she loved the "helplessness" that she felt while tied. She even suggested that we do it again sometime real soon...and smiled. I also ti8ed my sitter up to a chair. It startedd out as a dare. We both laugghed and talked as I

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    One night in college I woke up to the feeling of something being pressed against my mouth. My friend was duct taping my mouth shut as others held me down. They all laughed at me, and I went, "MMMMMMMMMM!" They said that it was time for my birthday present. They then took out a little black dress. When I realized what they were planning to do I shook my head and mmmmmmmmphed like crazy. But it was no use, they forced me into the dress. They then tied my hands and feet together so I couldn't take it off. I felt completely humiliated as they carried me through the dorm like this. They then layed me on the counter in the lobby and said they'd be back in the morning. I stuggled but it was no use, I couldn't move or talk, and the counter was too high. I had to lay there and wait for help. I pleaded with people for help as they walked by, I struggled and mmmmmmphed. But they just laughed. My friends came back in an hour. By then a crowd had gathered, having fun at my expense. I had no choice but to lay on the counter, bound and gagged in a dress, as everyone ridiculed me. I began to worry, when people started to talk about taking me outside. My friends then picked me up, and carried me back to my room still tied up. Everyone thought this was hilarious.

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    I can't say I have....but I have been told that I'd be rather fun to have that done to since I like to be frustrated and teased, lol

    That said, I would only do that (or have it done to me) with someone I felt completely, 100%, comfortable around.

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    Yes it can be fun. I have been tied up and did enjoy it. Many people are into such fun and games.

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    I'd say....welcome to the club.

    Yes, lot's of people are into this and enjoy doing it.

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