I need a song with me and my sisters name in it.?

Me and my twin sister are about to turn 15 and its going to be our quincenera and we both have the same first names.

Me being Sonia Niko, and her Sonia Michelle. And we really wanted to be able to play a song with the name Sonia in it. Can anybody help us out?

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    I found a couple with Sonia in the lyrics, but I haven't ever heard any of them and they are also in Spanish (so I'm not sure if they'd be appropriate or not.) They are both called "Sonia" - the first by Panteon Rococo and the second by Skama La Rede. I'll put link to them below. Check them out and see if they'd work! And if not, still have a very happy birthday, both of you!

    Panteon Rococo "Sonia"


    Desde aquella, no se que hacer

    O Sonia

    Jamas pensé llegarte a querer

    Cuando ayer no te vi

    Yo me sentimorir, tu eres lo que asi me hace sentir

    Sonia es verdad, te quiero


    Gracias por quererme tanto asi

    O Sonia

    Gracias por poner tu fe en mi

    Tu eres asi, solo tu calor me hace feliz

    Solo tu y tu amor

    Sonia es verdad, yo te quiero

    Sonia gracias por lo que me haces sentir

    O Sonia, gracias por amarme solo a mi

    Pues con tu amor me hiciste despertar

    Todo esa pasión que siento por ti

    Sonia es verdad, oyelo yo te quiero

    Baby ouhh

    Sonia, gracias por reir al verme reir

    O Sonia, gracias gracias por llorar sin verme sufrir

    Eres tu amor mi fuego natural

    Si el frió asi, me hace temblar

    Sonia es verdad, Sonia es verdad

    Sonia es verdad

    Yo te quiero


    Oye Sonia……….

    Sonia oyelo…………………

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    I sorry all the "Sonia" songs were jazz or latin. Then I found 1 called Sonia and Sonya but it wouldn't let me sample it. Best of luck and Happy Birthday.

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    Can't help w/ Sonia or Niko, but The Beatles did "Michelle".

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    I haven't heard this song... but the name is in it.

    Sonia's Song

    By Stacey Tolbert

    Sonia write like red clay

    Red bone rhymer make me want to create

    She read like she know me/we been birthed

    out of Yemoja and white cloth some million

    years ago…alphabet streams

    we travel same universoul rhythms

    Her drum beat like tree grown from smart roots

    Ancient roots

    Now roots

    Then roots

    Sonia wear glasses but her third eye is uncovered

    Psychic lashes bat at new earth

    Sonia make me want to write

    and poet

    and write

    and poet

    She move like cloud with heels

    Jazz on her soul





    Sonia make me want to write like red clay

    Get deep down and dirty

    Blood be okay cuz “we”

    The griots got

    Secret covenant

    Promise to write

    And poet

    And write

    And poet

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