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cell phones in Pakistan?

can sum1 plz tell me how the cell phone system works in pakistan? Like i heard they dont have cingular, t-mobile ect. IT like a pre paid sim this true? Cuz I will be going there n i have cingular n want to know if i will still be able 2 use the phone


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    In Pakistan you can use Cingular or Tmobile cellphone if you have a quad band or tri band phone, You can use your Cingular cellphone only if it is a quad band phone, go to your cellphone manufacturer website or read cellphone manual to find out is your phone is quad band phone or not if yes then in Pakistan you can buy any local service provider like Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Paktel or Warid pre pay sim card with minutes to load in your phone all for just Rs.600 / $ 10 (approx)

    You also have to unlock your cingular phone before using in Pakistan which can be easily done for Rs.200 to Rs.500 at cellphone stores.

    If you dont want to put yourself in this hassel and money is not an issue then activite international roaming service offered by cingular which is very expensive but its a easy option.

    If this reply doesnt help you then email me your next question on:

    Source(s): I have worked in cellphone company in Pakistan and currently i am working in same in USA.
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    You would have to call your provider, sometimes they have phones or plans that can be used overseas. I have Nextel and went to Asia. It might be expensive though.

    Source(s): personal experience!!!
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    some works and some dont.....they use the gsm technology so whichever phone you take just make sure that it is unlocked and it is gsm technology

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    use roaming!!!!!

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