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What stol plane would make a good time travelling platform, like back to the future?

I want to sketch out a plane fitted with a time travelling console, but I don't know what plane to choose. It has to be strong, reliable, and it has to land almost anywhere. I was thinking something like the v-22 osprey, but that's like millions of dollars. Or maybe a dh beaver. Remember the plane or helicopter needs 88mph to achieve time travel.


Just out of curiosity, is war emergency power on a plane just like a nitrous boost on a car?

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    For looks, with a link to reality, I would go with the F-35 Lightning II. This is the NEW joint strike fighter (JSF) for the US armed forces -- New as in first flight by a production aircraft was December 2006.

    It's designed to eventually replace the light strike/fighters for the US and UK, including the F16,F/A18, and Harrier. The model you would be interested in is the F-35B, which will be capable of STOVL (short take off / vertical landing).

    However, if you are taking a leap in reality for a book, etc, there's no reason you couldn't use a fabricated aircraft, or a real aircraft with 'modifications'. There's also no reason to stick with 88 miles per hour.

    Come to think of it, didn't Doc modify the Delorian in 'Back to the Future' to fly?

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    I hope you're writing a book, or I'm going to feel stupid for even dignifying this with an answer.

    For landing almost anywhere, I'd think more along the lines of an amphib, such as the Beaver you mentioned, but I like the Goose, Albatross or Widgeon better. The DC-3 could work, but it's tough to get it to 88mph with floats.

    You can pick up a Goon for about $100G, and last I looked, Gooses, (Geese?) were running half a mil. I don't know if the DEA will even let people by an Albatross anymore.

    War time reserve was a combat based guarantee from the engine manufacturers. Say your max manifold pressure was 40 in. Hg, they swore the engine would hold together and get you home if you ran 45 in.HG and 10% over redline RPM. You could only do it for 15 minutes, and then you needed to start plotting a place to land.

    If you were lucky enough to land at a home base, and you'd used the war time reserve, the engine was removed and thrown in a pile and replaced with a new engine.

    You'll use the war time reserve when you pop up in a time where the airport you'd planned on landing at isn't there and you firewall the throttle(s) to avoid crashing into a barn, a forest, a forest, cow, kid, or town that you hadn't thought was there.

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    I'll answer your last question 1st. Yes, it's called an afterburner. & fighter jets have them to kick in for an extra boost of power, but it uses up an enormous amount of fuel, & is reserved for emergencies, & demonstrations.

    I don't see how a STOL (short take-off or landing) aircraft, or even a DHC Beaver could even be remotely related to time travel.

    I think the best ever time travelling consol was conceived by HG Wells (the authour of 1984). He wrote some amazing novels surrounding time travel & other great things. Considering the time he came from this man was a great visionary, & science fiction author.

    And where in the world did you ever get the idea that time travel could be achieved at 88mph?

    If that were the case, I would be a regular time traveler on my commute to work every day.

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    "War Emergency" power (WEP) is an American term for the throttle setting on some World War II military aircraft engines. For use in emergency situations, it produced more than 100% of the engine's total rated power for a limited amount of time, often about five minutes.[1][2] Maximum normal power would be limited by a mechanical stop, for instance a wire across the throttle lever slot, but a more forceful push would break the wire allowing extra power.

    In normal service, the P-51H Mustang was rated at 1,380 hp, but WEP would deliver up to 2,218 hp.[3] The Vought F4U Corsair, not originally equipped for WEP, later boasted a power increase of up to 410 hp (17%) when WEP was engaged.[2]

    Several methods were used to boost engine power by manufacturers, including water injection and methanol-water injection. Some earlier engines simply allowed the throttle to open wider than normal, allowing more air to flow through the intake. All WEP methods result in greater-than-usual stresses on the engine, and correspond to a reduced engine lifetime. For some airplanes, such as the P-51, use of WEP required the plane to be grounded after landing and the engine torn down and inspected for damage before returning to the air.

    The German MW50 system required additional piping, as well as a storage tank, increasing the aircraft's overall weight.[4] Like other boost techniques, MW50 was restricted by capacity and engine temperatures and could only be used for a limited time. The GM 1 nitrous oxide injection system, also used by the Luftwaffe, provided extreme power benefits of 25 to 30 percent but required cooling on the ground and added significant weight.[4]

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    Choose One (or more)

    * Yakovlev V/STOL fighter developed in late 80s

    (or early 90s) which many believed L.Martin's JSF F-35's

    rear vector thrust design copied Ykovlev's design

    * Bae + McDonnell Douglas AV-8/Harrier II

    * Lockheed Martin JSF F-35

    * Boeing X-32 (Losing JSF contender) but many chose

    Boeing's design rather than L.Martin's F-35. X-32 is a

    redesigned A-7 with a smiling face ;)

    * Hybrid (airplane-heli) seen in Arnold Schwarzenegger's

    movie "6th day"

    * 88 mph ? time travel ? 88 mph looks like a good speed

    for good mileage (recommended by automakers experts)

    hehehe ;)

    what's surprising is that 88 mph is the speed of M.J.Fox's

    DeLorean car to begin "time travel" in the movie "back to

    the future" ;)

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    Why not the Harrier?

    It is strong, reliable, armed and looks cool too. Not to mention agility, speed and looks good in movies too.

    Maybe you can use the poetic license to tweak the engine so that they accelerate beyond 88 mph sideways or backwards too. (I guess the current limitation is 40 knots to the sides and 60 rearwards, not very sure, and 60 knots is not far off from 88 mph)

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    i could on the different hand flow to the long-term, although thinking each and each are an determination, i recognize i'm too curious to basically flow forward. i could decide directly to locate each and every problem/time. See the place my discoveries take me. the destiny could be regardless of, and my maximum valuable clues are what I verify for myself. i admire that! whilst traveling basically before now, i could probable experience compelled to place in writing an incredible sort of historic previous books, carry pictures, and shield quite a few artifacts for posterity. (actuality checking my way by way of historic previous! Who knew i replaced into as quickly as this sort of geek? Lol.) *i could tweak some concerns on the same time as i'm returned there too. who knows of, probably i'll augment a number of them? (even whilst i flow into the long-term, i'll be changing the previous perpetually after that besides, so i'm no longer likely to sweat over it too much.) damn the implications. If I make a extensive mistake, all i'd desire to do is unmake myself to very easily hit the reset button besides, perfect? (oh, that should be the 1st element I test with. this is on my record of certainty tests besides. :-P ) (That and residing bubbles, so i do no longer drag germs by utilising ability of the eons and kill each and everything.) returned to the destiny. (or consistent with threat Austen Powers) yet my generic time tourist of all time is David Tennant as established practitioner Who!

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    88mph to go back in time actually you would need to go faster then light once you achieve the speed of light time stops in its tracks although you continue to move once you get beyond that time rewinds itself and according to Einstein's on order for this to happen you would need a couple billion to zillion lbs's of fuel for every pound you weighed

    Source(s): im not an astrophysists but have read a few books
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    Maybe the next toke on what-ever your smoking in that pipe will inspire you.

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