Looking for a healthy but effective alternative to mosquito/insect repellents. Needs 2 B available in Canada.

Whenever I step outside the house in the warm months, I get attacked by mosquitos and other "invisible" bugs which leads to painful swelling and itching. Looking for healthy, effective preventative measures and remedies that are easily available in Canada.

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    eat one clove of garlic per day for the first 7 days then 1 clove every other day. insects hate the way garlic makes your blood taste. a diet high in garlic virtually eliminates mowquito and other biting but problems.

    also, try sprinkling Pennyroyal around the outside of your house... around any entryways, doors and windows to keep fleas and other insects like that away from your entryways.

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    This product will not repel mosquitoes but it's the best thing I've ever found to take away the itch and quickly make the bite go away. Ordinated Olive Oil. It's good for many other uses too. I use it for an underarm deodorant. My wife is very happy I don't smell anymore.


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    There was a report from an expedition to the Amazon forests, that one member was spared by insects. It was finally traced to this person using Wright's coal tar soap for bath.

    Do not know about the availability of this in Canada, or if it is still being marketed.

    Nothing was mentioned about its repelling larger organisms that may have to be attracted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You could try a device that mimics the sound of dragonflies or lets loose a high frequency pitch. Unfortunately the only thing that works against the swarms of mosquitoes you see in Canada is DEET or covering up your skin with material that mosquitoes can't get through like a rain-jacket.

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    1 decade ago

    Skin So Soft. It's an Avon product, believe it or not. It works against all bugs, not just mosquitos. On top of that, it softens your skin and smells nice, not like bug spray. I don't know if it's available in Canada or not, but you can certainly buy it on the Internet. It's also not very expensive.

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    Try also some tea tree oil; available mostly everywhere; it repels mosquitoes and other biters and acts as an antiseptic for the bites you may have already gotten.

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    I tried citronella and for some reason it doesn't work for me. So then I tried lemon oil and lavender oil. I put a couple drops of each on my hand and mix it with almond oil. I found all these ingredients at the local health food store. 1 bottle of each lasted me for a couple years.

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    B Vitamins - I think particularly B6 - and Brewers Yeast both make you less appetizing to mosquitoes. Too much yeast will also make you less appetizing to humans as it will cause a distinct body odor if you eat too much.

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    Try citronella oil.

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