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Searching for title of 80's movie ( I think 80's) where college age people get stranded on an island.?

I have been trying to figure out for a long time the name of this movie that came out maybe in the 80's or 90's where a bunch of people (mostly like 20's) get stranded on an island for some reason. One person dies when they get their foot stuck under a rock next to the ocean and the tide rises and he drowns. They are also chased a wild boar at one point. They sleep on hammocks on the beach I think. I also remember a controversy with bags of drugs being found on the beach. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows what this is called!

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    It think you might be talking about "The Beach." It stars Leonardo DiCaprio. It has the drugs, the boar and the hammocks, but it came out in 2000, so I'm just taking a stab here.

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