why do some planes have bent wings and some dont?

i was on a plane yesterday and noticed that the plane i was on had different wings to the one next to it, whats the diff?? and why???

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    Some plane have a small flap that extends upward at the tip. It keeps the air from the bottom (high pressure) of the wing "leaking" to the top (low pressure) of the wing during flight. It effectively makes the wing work like it is longer and gives more control.

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    Each and Every Aircraft wing is designed for a very specific mission/job. You would not put the Wings from a fighter on a Cargo/Airliner. The same is reverse of course. T

    The Engineers 1st sit down with the Mission Parameters for whatever they are designing. Such as Range, Cargo/passenger capacity, Cruise and Take off speed. Most of the time this starts with 1 sheet of paper, it will rapidly turn into a LARGE BOOK.

    They then design the Aircraft to complete the mission. This means EVERYTHING from the shape Wings to what kind of Paint will be used on it.

    No each Team of Engineers will come up with the same BASIC design. Thus all Airliner Models look somewhat alike. Yet each Team will also do things just Slightly different. Thus All airliner models look Slightly Different.

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    By bent wings, I assume that you mean dihedral where the wing root (next to the fuselage) is closer to the ground than the wingtip. This is done to make the aircraft more stable (in the roll axis, and the wings will tend to level themselves. It makes them easier to fly.

    This is sort of similar to how a ball bearing placed in a concave dish will naturally go to the middle of the dish as that is the lowest point. For something that is unstable, try balancing a ball bearing on the back (convex) side of a dish.

    Another way of making an aircraft stable in the roll axes is to sweep the wings back (this also reduces drag). Approx 2 or 3 degrees of sweep has an equivalent effect of 1 degree of dihedral.

    So when you compare planes, they may have different dihedral and wing sweep angle, but together these factors combine to provide a certain amount of roll stability. There are several other factors involved, but this should provide a sufficient answer.

    Source(s): Aerodynamics 101
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    Winglets are on the tips of the wings and give the appearance of the last portion of the wing having been "bent " upward. The main purpose of these is to increase lift without increasing drag. They accomplish this by simply eliminating the drag inducing wingtip vortices created by a normal wing tip. This is being used more and more extensively, The later model 737's have winglets as opposed to the older one not. side by side this may be the only difference you notice.

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    They're not in the way, they are hung under the wings on a pylon that lowers them enough to avoid disturbing the airflow around the wing. The advantage to mounting the engines on the wings is mostly structural. Since the wings already have to support the weight of the whole plane and survive the stresses of flight, it's not hard to build them to support the engines as well. If you mount the engines in the tail, the entire rear fuselage has to be reinforced to deal with the extra stress.

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    Slant wings? That is slanted backward from the fuselage. Jet aircraft at higher speeds, than what you would encounter on a prop driven aircraft, use slant wings because they are more stable at speeds approaching mach 1. Now bent wings were used on propeller driven aircraft during WW2, the F4U corsair, to get the landing gear closer to the ground and thus raising the aircraft. This gave it greater ground clearance for the propeller.

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    The "wing tips" also increase the gas mileage of the plane and saves each airline millions of dollars.

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    speed matters and when u turn the plane the g-force will be high and flat wings cant take high g-force like f-15 s they have 2 fold their wings when they are off ground.

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    Don't listen to they guys with their fancy-schmancy answers.

    Bent wings look way cooler than boring old straight ones.

    That's why.


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    wing lets

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