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Can you list all of the music artists you have seen live? Do you prefer big venues, or small, intimate clubs?

I will list all the bands I have seen that are fairly well-known:

Eric Clapton (twice)


James Brown

Pearl Jam


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lenny Kravitz

John Fogerty



Ted Nugent

The Tragically Hip (5 times)

Jeff Healey Band

Bonnie Raitt

Public Enemy

Chris Whitley

Toad The Wet Sprocket


Alice In Chains

Eric Bibb

The Robert Cray Band

Jackson Browne

Wilson Pickett

Lee Aaron (thrice)


Kim Mitchell

Arc Angels

Tom Cochrane


I like going to see live bands in a small venue the most.... and as I get a bit older I am becoming more and more interested in live jazz, of which I have seen the most... I also like supporting local, independent acts that are not well-known enough to mention here.


I just remembered I saw Steve Earle perform as well... at a summer folk festival.

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    iron butterfly...first concert, when i was 11. shocking blue, black sabbath, led zepplin, cream, rolling stones, alice cooper, neal young, twisted sister, janice joplin, all those, "back in the day." red hot chili peppers, deftones, marilyn manson, more black sabbath, ozzfest 3 times, flogging molly, the vandals, drop kick murpheys, reel big fish, bad religion, mudvayne, no doubt, black-eyed peas, green day, blink 182, chevelle, chamira, sick of it all, coal chamber, warped tour 6 times, foo fighters, white strips, the used, the donna's, tsunami bomb, many more that i'm too lazy to type. lol. going to see static x tonight at a small venue. i used to like the big crowded places, but i'm really liking the smaller venues now. the filmore in san fran is really good.

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    Elvis Presley, Gordon Lightfoot, The Kingston Trio, Bud & Travis, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Waylon Jennings, The Village People, Blood, Sweet and Tears, Bruce Springsteen, Three Dog Night.

    I know I'm leaving out scads of bands.. I prefer smaller groups

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    yes i can because it's a very short list

    the warped tour 2003- tsunami bomb, the unseen, and pennywise

    tsunami bomb- the el rey, the troubadour, another place can't remeber the name but all small venues

    the family values tour 06- korn and deftones (free tickets from my cousin, it was okay, got a little tipsy)

    i would have loved to be at some of the ones you went to.

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    That's some list. I like small clubs. Better sound, better view, better crowd, shorter trip to the bar.

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