I just got a Macbook...?

And I only have one user account on it, but I want to set it so that you still need to enter the password when you turn it on, even though it's just that one account. How do I do that?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What the? Do you own a Mac, Michael??? Have you ever used one??? Macs actually have a login window!

    Go to System Preferences and click on Accounts. Click on the lock at the bottom, type your password, hit ok, choose your account and click on Login Options. Uncheck "Automatically log in as:" and display login window as: Name and password.

    Microsoft listens to people? Pffft... . I'm using a mac and a vista on my PC. Visually vista's better than XP, I'll give you that. But as for ease of use, not much of an improvement there... . Still lots of bugs too. Thanks for listening to us Microsoft.

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    1 decade ago

    You can't. That's how it is on OS X. If you have one user, it automatically assumes that you'll be the only one using it. So there's no question, it just does it.

    Windows on the other hand, you can do that. Microsoft listen to consumers, and put that in one of their updates. People complained that they were afraid that a hacker could get into their laptop too easy without a password. So they made fixed one up. Now users are having the choice to do this. It's too bad that Apple doesn't do this.

    Source(s): Using Vista on a Sony Vaio SZ. It rocks!
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    1 decade ago

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