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How do I bypass the restrictions on my work computer....I want to access facebook.?

First....don't bother with any advice about how 'its wrong' or 'I'll get caught'...blah, blah, blah...

I asked this before and all I got was unwarranted advice. I just want an answer.


Thanks everyone who submitted advice. I still cannot access Facebook. My work computer is tighter than bark to a tree.

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    Well there are a few things you could try. The first thing is to use firefox. If you can't download and install programs to your company computer, you can buy a U3 compatible flashdrive and run it off that. Many times companies just block internet explorer requests because they don't think anybody will use firefox.

    The second thing you can try is to browse by a proxy. Basically, what a proxy is is a webpage that you use to access other webpages. It stands between you and the webpage you are actually viewing. As long as the proxy isn't blocked, the webpage won't be either. Now, needless to say, proxies can be blocked. The best on I've found is a Google hack that acts as a proxy. What it is is the Google web page translation tool. Most companies won't block this because it just appears as if you are translating a webpage in a different language to english in order to read it. The link is:|en&u=w...

    where "" is the webpage that you want to view. This is still translating the page, but it is translating it from english to english, therefore negating the effect and providing you with a great proxy. If that doesn't work there;s a whole list of proxies on

    Hope that Helps

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    it's easy you just need to use a proxy so you won't get caught, here are some great ones and

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    you should try this proxy site:

    good luck

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