Does anyone have or know about branding?

You know, the thing done with a hot iron in a design, like a cattle brand, designed to leave a burn scar on your skin. I was just wondering how painful it is, its very painful i imagine, worse than tattooing(?). And i was also wondering, how expensive, and how to find someone who does it in the Perth, Western Australia area.

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    Professional branding is not done like cattle branding like in that youtube vid, but it is a burn. Tattoos hurt during the process but not afterward, branding hurts for awhile afterward.

    If you are a baby over burns, this will likely kill. Proper after care is crucial. Most tattoo studios will not even do this.

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    I have a branding and I have a few tattoos. Tattoos hurt worse but the branding was alot faster so that could be why. I dont know where you can go, I got mine done in Roanoke va

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    oh yea, its way more painful than getting a tattoo. i was actually thinking of getting a branding done myself until i saw a vid on youtube. i decided to get a scarification done instead, it feels more like getting a tattoo(i did the scaring myself, i didnt go into a shop) you basically get the same results, a scar, except they cut open your skin instead of burning it.Branding will hurt a lot and scaring wont hurt as much but it will take, its up to you and how much you can handle pain. as far as prices go, every shop is different, just do some research for the highest rated shops in your area, call up the top 3 and compare price range.

  • Devon
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    VERY PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Instead of getting the brand, my nephew found a tattoo artist do a tat that looks like a brand. It is wonderful. I am thinking about getting one like it down.

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  • kelli
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    hurts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. i saw someone who put a star sticker on her hip and then went to a tanning booth and then peeled off the sticker after the tan. it looked like branding but once i got up close it wasn't a scar so i figured the above. then i did that except i used a heart sticker... ♥

  • they are WAY more expensive and painful than tattooing. they get infected SOO much easier and many people pass out from the pain. they can also, literally make you sick to your stomach during the process.

    Source(s): my friend got one
  • Anonymous
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    I just asked my pet cow & she said "Yo,it hurts real bad but if u want one, see farmer john next door "

    Source(s): my g/f betsy.
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    umm... i dunno but it will be painful. imagine your skin blistering and such. you may want to watch this video first... bam margera on jackass did it. omg... it cracks me up.

    whatever you decide becareful. bam got really, really infected.

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