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what do i do with JJ Hardy?

do i ride out his cold streak or do i trade him now if i get a offer? Is he just this year's Chris Shelton? i got offered jeff francour, aramis ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, Xaiver Nady and eric byrens for Shawn Green ,JJ Hardy and Carlos beltran. is that a good deal for me or should i just ride out Hardy's slump? i htink its a good deal but i think i just wanna ride out hardy's slump beucase he is in the brewers lineup and he is gonna get alot of RBI. wut should i do?


the only player i would have to drop is mark reynolds. i could drop dustin pedroia or cory hart. i dont wanna have to drop hart right now thoguh and loosing pedroia would hurt and 2nd base but i have a surplus of good SS in Reyes, Renteria

Update 2:

i use to be able to afford to keep Hardy on the bench but with Texeria on the DL, im starting to think pulling hte trigger is good right now. my worst bench hitter right now is mark reynolds, and there is abosolutly nothin out there in my free agent pool, everyone is gone. matt stairs is even gone along with jose bautista

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    You should make the deal. Hard to say if his current slump is something minor or not but the bottom line is he has no track record and Rollins has a very good established track record for being an elite fantasy SS. A.Ramirez is a great bat to add to your lineup and makes up for anything you lose dealing away Beltran (except SB...but he isnt exactly stealing a ton himself either) plus Francouer is a solid outfield addition (Byrnes is great when he is hot, when he isnt he is horrible) and Nady is okay as a bench player. See who you have to drop to make this deal and if you have to get rid of someone you dont want to part with revise the offer and just do a Ramirez, Rollins and Francouer for Hardy, Beltran and Green deal...that way you dont have to drop someone you dont want to cut (you could just eliminate one of the other guys if you really want Byrnes or Nady). Either way you end up with the better of the deal on risk alone....but i think Ramirez, Rollins and Francouer easily outproduce Beltran, hardy and green the rest of the season.

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    I like that deal for you, especially if you're losing patience with Hardy. He's always been a good talent, but no one predicted 50 homer power at any point. His hot streak is similar to that of Shelton putting up softball numbers last year, but Hardy's got talent and won't fall completely off the map.

    I think this trade should be Aramis, J-roll, Franc, and Byrnes for your three, because now you'll have to drop a guy to make it work. If Nady's better than your worst bench guy, (say for some reason you still have a guy like Cust hanging around) this is steal even. Beltran's good, but he's not as good as 4 quality players.

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    I would do it, in a heartbeat. Hardy is definiteyl this year's chris shelton. He is good, but he is not nearly good enough to keep up those kinds of numbers througout the season. You are getting Jeff Francoeur, who is pretty much a poor man's Carlos Beltran, minus steals. Then, you get Aramis Ramirez, who has been the best 3B in fantasy since Chipper Jones got DL'd, and A-Rod crashed back down to earth. Shawn Green has really not been as good as he has been in the past, and should be traded. ZThen, Rollins is just great, and is the 3rd best SS behind Reyes and Hanley Ramirez. FInally, Nady has been hot over the past 2 weeks, but he is going to cool off, and yo should trade him ASAP, once you get him. This trade is easy, and I would accept it.

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    Accept the trade! This is an amazing trade for you. JJ Hardy won't hit more than 30 HRs. I would trade him for Jimmy Rollins straight up at this point. Besides...

    Francouer, aramis ramirez, nady, and byrnes for beltran and shawn green(worthless) is the best trade offer you might ever receive

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    Personally, I traded him for David Ortiz. But the deal that someone proposed you is great. Rollins is worth Hardy, Byrnes and Aramis are worth Beltran and your getting Francoeur and Nady. Got for it man.

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    ooooooo....take the get a lot in is injured for a long time (broken foot) and beltran and hardy are on a cold streak right now.....take the offer and run.....

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    trade him to me....... i would personally hang on to him right now and wait and see at the mid way point then see what is out there

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