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why is the army in Iraq working with insurgents who were against them thought u dont negotiate with terorists

? just saw this on CNN today, weird ****, US marines working alongside insurgents fighting other insurgents,??? whats next? giving Osama Bin Laden money and weapons?

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    The people of Iraq are divided into Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and other sects, each of which hates the others. Almost nobody in Iraq supports the US occupation. But those who hope for peace have to make alliances among the people that are there if they are to have any chance of ending the war and rebuilding the country.

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    The insurgents that the military is working with are Sunni and they are Iraqi. The insurgents that both the military and the Sunni's are trying to defeat are Al Queda in Iraq and are not Iraqi's. This is something positive. You really don't want to hear anything positive out of Iraq, do you?

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    I guess it goes this way: "You don't negotiate with terrorists directly, but you do it indirectly". Osama Bin Laden was given money and weapons by the US in the 1980s.

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