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Bell and Hp deal. Good or not ?

I called Bell yesterday about the highspeed service I order. The agent helped set up my modem and wireless network, then he tells me about a special offer that seems pretty good. Anyways heres the offer what do you think.

High speed internet (Its supposed to be ultra high speed but I cant tell the difference between the two)

HP Compaq Presario sr5010nx Desktop

An entry-level computer, powerful enough for all your essential Internet needs.

Sympatico™ High Speed Internet Service


HP Compaq Presario sr5010nx desktop


for 36 months

I figured since I was all ready paying $55.00 a month for the high speed service alone that $4.95 a month extra was really good for a desktop. I did the math and that works out to around $180.00. I looked on ebay and found the same comp with out the moniter and printer listed for over $300.00 aand Ive seen it on retial sites for as much as $500.00 for the tower alone. I plan on selling the computer asap to make a profit.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would read ALL the fine print before committing to anything involving a "free" or "low cost" computer. Many people were duped into long-term AOL contracts that penalized them heavily if they chose to cancel their contracts early. The "free/low cost" computers ended up costing more than a better machine that had no restrictive agreements attached.

    Also, some of those deals require that you keep the computer and cannot profit by re-selling. In essence, you may be only leasing the computer. If you go with another provider, they may require that you give back the computer or cover the full cost the provider says they paid for the system.

    Just be careful and READ the agreement paperwork VERY CAREFULLY.

  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds to me like you'll be RENTING the computer for 36 months, at the end of which you'll have to cough up the balance due on it, if you want to keep it. More than likely, you won't own that computer until you've paid for it fully. So, selling it at a profit new in box is not an option for you, since you wouldn't even be the legal owner of it for 36 months or until you have paid for it in full. If you drop their service before the 36 months is up, they WILL want their computer back or your money to pay for it. Its like the phone company used to do way back in the stone ages, they rented the equipment to you for a monthly charge on top of your regular phone service. You didn't own the phone, you rented it. If your rental fee on a phone was say, an extra $2/month, at the end of 1 year you would have spent $60 for that phone, if 2 years $120!! I wouldn't do it. That computer will end up costing you double what it's worth. Read the fine print that is connected to that *!

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