What is the main function of the Holy Spirit?

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    In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word most frequently used for "spirit" is ru'ach, meaning "breath; wind; spirit." In the Greek Scriptures, the word is pneu'ma, having a similar meaning.

    The Bible's use of "holy spirit" indicates that it is a controlled force that God uses to accomplish a variety of his purposes. To a certain extent, it can be likened to electricity, a force that can be adapted to perform a great variety of operations.

    God uses his spirit to enlighten those who serve him. David prayed: "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. Your spirit [ru'ach] is good; may it lead me in the land of uprightness." (Psalm 143:10) When 70 capable men were appointed to help Moses, God said to him: "I shall have to take away some of the spirit [ru'ach] that is upon you and place it upon them."—Numbers 11:17.

    The holy spirit impelled Jesus to go into the wilderness after his baptism. (Mark 1:12) The spirit was like a fire within God's servants, causing them to be energized by that force. And it enabled them to speak out boldly and courageously.—Micah 3:8; Acts 7:55-60; 18:25; Romans 12:11; 1 Thessalonians 5:19.

    By his spirit, God carries out his judgments on men and nations. (Isaiah 30:27, 28; 59:18, 19) And God's spirit can reach everywhere, acting for people or against them.—Psalm 139:7-12.

    God's spirit can also supply "power beyond what is normal" to those who serve him. (2 Corinthians 4:7) This enables them to endure trials of faith or to do things they could not otherwise do. (as in the case of Samson)

    God's holy spirit gave Jesus and other servants of God the power to do what humans ordinarily could not do.

    It is proper to pray for God's spirit to help us cope with the trials we face each day and to strengthen us in times of persecution.


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    I am amazed! Why is it? that you don't know what the function of the Holy Spirit is? Just kidding! If you are a Born-again Christian! You should know the answer, And if you are not born again, I would encourage you to take up reading the Bible, and you will learn, I can set here and type for hours on the subject of the Holy Ghost, and you would not even come close to understanding, you need to learn for yourself and see, fell and interact with God to find out the true function of the Holy Ghost. Function in part; to be with us in our daily walk with the Lord!

    But anyway, you probably don't know, The Holy Ghost is the Third of God that is, inside of those who have a personal realtionship with the Lord Jesus.

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    Read John 16:7-11. The Holy Spirit is the comforter. He is the earnest of our inheritance, Ephesians 1:13-14. He leads us into all truth, he is our teacher and our quide, John 16:13. He glorifies the Lord, John 16:14.

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    The Holy Spirit is the one responsible for bringing us to trust in Christ, delivering to us all the treasures of His great salvation for us and for keeping us in the faith.

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    The Holy Spirit is though of as all the doings of God. Depends what you think though.

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    - Counsellor

    - Comforter

    - To connect Christians to God, to enable Christians to hear from God

    - as an initial deposit for a guarantee to better things in heaven

    - to enable christians to experience the power of God, to prophesy, work miracles, to do the work for Christ.

    - to impart the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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    Lord and Giver of life.

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    The comforter will guide you into all truth, teach you, and keep you. Also give you power to do God's will.

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    To make u feel like an epileptic case and to give u a languge not even u can understand.

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