has any 1 read brave new world... help pls! :/?

how is betryal, greed and social corruption shown in brave new world?

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    oh damn, that is basically the whole book. Soma is a a direct product of social corruption, having to keep everyone happy by addicting everyone to that drug. The feelies are another thing that keeps people in line. Social corruption is also demonstarted with the various classes of people.

    Betrayal is demonstrated on how the social director (I havn't read this book in a long time) and the Beta woman, were in New Mexico, she got lost some how and he ditched her. She got pregnant, has a child, then when she comes back to London (or whatever city it was based in) and she wants him back (although in the book possesion of people is forbbinen because everyone belongs to everyone) and he shuns her. That is a form of betrayal.

    Greed: Greed....hard to explain in this book.

    Hopes this helps

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    Greed, betrayal and social corruption is the theme of the book. In this futuristic novel society is living in utopia, everyone is "happy" . However, this has been achieved through the combination of bio technology, sleep learning and reproductive technology. Elimination of family, cultural diversity, art, literature science, religion and philosophy is how this ideal culture is achieved. Society rewards itself with drugs (SOMA), sexual promiscuity and unbenign (not nice) acts. Enforced social stratification (society run by class) is what maintains order and is deliberately engineered.

    If you want to understand this novel a little more go to sparknotes or cliffnotes online.

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    nope sry...

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