3rd ? Are political parties anathemic to the voters choice of candidate?

The candidates promise one thing. You elect them. The party tells him to vote on bills it's way or else. Who do the politicians work for anyway? Should we get rid of parties and allow the politicians to vote the way they promised? Could it be done , bloodlessly?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The politicians cannot keep their campaign promises because they sign pledge stating that they will vote for the party line in all matters, regardless. Plus, Congress has been threatened and co-erced by the Shrub gang to go along with what Shrub and Cheney want, or else. Once we return to Constitutional Law and the Big Changes occur, and truth comes out about 9-11 and prostitution in the District of Criminals, the politicos will be finished! Once the changes occur, there will BE NO MORE political parties, as they are only used to divide people.

  • Dani
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    1 decade ago

    It is called compromise. Because of our two party system the majority does not rule. The system of representation allows the minority have a voice. The reason these other parties do not get elected is because of their small constituency. They are not being shut out just ignored by the people. Our two party system also allows dissension from party policy.

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