need help with my pc?

when I'm typing something in Microsoft works, I can only type a few sentences and then my program stops then I have to click on the screen with my mouse to wake it up again, hope this makes scents and that some one can help me :)


this all so happens when I'm typing on a offline programs like a yahoo letter , I have dial up and some of the stuff I do is off line

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    I'm concerned that there might be spyware or a keylogger on your computer. This would cause your window to "lose focus" and then whatever you type would go into the other program instead of the window in which you're typing.

    Run the following programs:

    AVG Antivirus from:


    Spybot Search and Destroy

    If the problem persists, I would recommend reinstalling windows to remove the spyware/keylogger.

    Good Luck!!

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    Right click on the screen, click on "property", click on "screen saver" Take a look at the wait minutes, if your computer falls asleep around that time, then just adjust it or change to "none" for the screen saver. If this doesn't work, you will need to be more specific on what else is happening to your computer, because what is happening to you doesn't sound normal.

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    Does this happen only when you are in Microsoft works, or does it also happen when you are using other programs?

    If only with Microsoft Works, you might need to reinstall it.

    Or, you might consider using OpenOffice (a free suite of programs including a work processor, a spread sheet, a presentation, and a database program). Google openoffice and go from there,

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    lol yes you make alot of sense. are you talking about when your typing that your screen saver comes up and your page is hid by it? If that is the case you need to go to your desk top right click go to propertiesm screen saver and change your minutes to something more than jsut a few minutes because if you dont then your screen saver will pop up. hope this helps.. good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like you have a virus

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