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Does anyone know of good, free, fantasy baseball Keeper Leagues?

Me and my friends would love to join a Yahoo! Style fantasy baseball league, ideally a three-year keeper league. if I'm smart enough to Pick up Jered Weaver, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon Phillips, I want them for a long while.

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    they don't exist. save the rosters, and re-enter them next year after you and your buddies have an offline draft.

    Phillips has been an overhyped young prospect for 3 years now. he's becoming a solid 2B, but he's not keeper-worthy, nor is he on his way to becoming elite.

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    Not sure how you missed the ESPN commercials but they offer free baseball with keeper league options. Also any yahoo re-draft league can be used as a keeper league. If you use yahoo as a keeper you'll have to create a group page under the yahoo groups. There you will have to manually enter the rules and rosters yourself. Use the league messageboard to hold the follwoing year's draft and keep track of trades. At the start of the next season the commissioner will have to do all of the rosters. Its a lot of work but could be fun.

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    i just made a keeper league but for football... sorry

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