A question regarding 'illegal immigration' for my fellow Conservative minded Americans?


As a right-leaning independant, I am increasingly disturbed over the Immigration issue. On the statue of liberty, we ask for 'The tired, the poor, those yearning to breathe free'. What changed? I am aware that we are allowing legal immigration, etc, and of economical problems illegal immigration could cause. But doesn't it make sense to make it easier and more tempting to become legal? This is not a rant; I would honestly like a polite, smart, brief answer that keeps the humanity of the issue alive. Thank you.

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    The thing that changed is the population. I mean, are none of us concerned about the environmental consequences of such a high population? We already take in more legal immigrants than every other country in world combined. I'm not sure why we should take in even more, especially if it will affect the quality of life for the people already here. I do agree we should give people an incentive to do it legally... therefore we should not pass this immigration reform bill. It rewards the actions of coming to America unlawfully and sets back those who are waiting to come through the legal process.

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    yes, if amnesty cannot be avoided, I agree it would make sense to make it easier. I do not think amnesty will solve the problem, however. Once the illegals are made legal, then big business will have no use for them since they will then qualify for decent pay, benefits and taxes. So I predict that amnesty will lose the immigrants their jobs.

    I think the real solution is border security first and then harsh sanctions against employers who employ illegals. I also think social services beyond basic food and medical needs and a free ride home to their country of origin are the only entitlements that should be granted to illegals.

    I am in favor of legal immigration.

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    We shouldn't make it easier

    It may help some but I believe the bad would outweigh the good.

    Our government should have full control over the flow

    of immigrants into our country.

    No matter how easy you make it there will always be a long line of those trying to enter legally.

    And a constant flow of those that enter illegally.

    Its like a cup with a hole in it

    no matter how big a straw you use its still going to leak

    and make a mess on your living room floor while

    the temptation from the big straw keeps the cup full.

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    Why make it easy to come here when our ancestors didn't have it easy. Prove you can contribute and come legally, that is what founded this country. Don't come here and demand rights you haven't earned.

    We have people coming in legally everyday, willing to undergo the current requirements, what makes illegals of any race better than them. If they can contribute so much to our country couldn't they prove it by not flouting our law with their very first act in our country. The second they step onto our side of a border they become lawbreakers. I am required to obey the law and work for what I want or go to jail if I take something that I have not earned. What makes a person who refuses to earn his rights better than me? What makes me a racist if I find that unfair?

    And yes I have earned my right to be here, I took my oath and wore my uniform proudly; even though I never was required to fight, I was enlisted and willing to uphold my oath.

    And if anyone thinks I shouldn't refer to our ancestors earning this land for us, I want to see anyone who has inherited a home or money from their parents or grandparents just hand over their inheritance to a stranger because he demands it and claims a right to it.

    Mexico has been around longer than the US, and has never been stable. Why make it easier for them to come here and turn our country into a 3rd world country?

    Sorry, I have a problem being brief on this topic, and the only humanity I am worried about is the humanity which has earned their place here.

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    It absolutely makes sense to make it easier. So many illegals want to become legal but with our current system can't. I recently spoke to a lawyer about this issue and he said there is no way for them to become legal once they get here. And the odds are against them even before they come here. Our country would be so much better off if we closed the borders (for real) and deport the criminals and give the rest of them opportunity to become legal.

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    Unless I am mistaken, the Statue of Liberty stands on what was once called Ellis Island, where all immigrants once had to go through to process for Legal entry. The difference is the word "Legal". There is no process to sneaking in.

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    true. if we made it easier and more tempting to be legal, there would be loads of people applying instead of hopping the border.

    the fact is, naturalization is difficult as it is. it takes years to become a citizen. my uncle applied at 18 and got approved at 50.

    i understand that it varies from person to person, but its true for everyone that it takes a good while.

    it also takes money that some potential immigrants don't have. financial aid would be very ideal.

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    It's a tough situation. If you make citizenship too easy, you decrease homeland security. If only there were a way to keep the restrictions stringent, but not make it take forever.

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    Oprah may help you.

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